Gregory Ward (Larson)

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Gregory J. Ward (Larson, whatever)
Anyhere Software
950 Creston Rd.                        gward _at_
Berkeley, CA  94708

Current CV

Publication list - My papers and reports, with links to online copies where they exist.

High Dynamic Range Imaging by Reinhard, Ward, Pattanaik, and Debevec - A book about HDR images and what you can do with them.

Radiance web site - The software I've been developing for much of my life....

Rendering with Radiance by Larson and Shakespeare - A book about Radiance, how to use it, what you can do with it and how it works.

Materials and Geometry Format web pages - A common format for the exchange of physically-based 3D models for computer graphics and lighting simulation.

High dynamic range images - A comparison of different HDR image encoding formats.

The Keychain Interpretation of Higher Dimensions - Another one of my hare-brained ideas.

Is Consciousness All in Your Head? - My perspective on consciousness.

NIST BRDF measurements and simulations - A page showing some bidirectional reflectance distribution function measurements conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and some resulting Radiance simulations.

Gamma correction and VRML - A heartfelt plea for doing rendering right in VRML.

Pictures of friends and family - Some recent snapshots -- at least they were recent!

Elizabeth Addison's Art My wife's website with samples of her artwork, by popular demand