To all those who would write to me to tell me I know nothing about physics: Don’t bother. I am well aware of my ignorance in this area. I have my undergraduate degree in physics from UC Berkeley, but my grades were never very good and I can’t say I understood it all that well at the time... and that was years ago. Since then, I have only gleanings from various magazine articles, and certainly have no clue about the math behind M-theory or anything like that. Nevertheless, I have made a layman’s attempt to keep my ideas consistent with what little I know about quantum mechanics and broad-brush string theory. If I am missing something really basic, please let me know so I can stop embarrassing myself in public. However, if you are just looking for someone to flame, I’m warning you that I have a delete button and I’m not afraid to use it.

That said, I would greatly appreciate any references to similar ideas and especially scientific articles related to string theory and multiple universes, since I’m really coming at this as a novice, and not a very well-informed novice at that.

My e-mail is greg@shutterfly.com. I don’t promise to write back or even to read what you write if it’s nasty, but feel free to send me your thoughts.