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My first night in Granada, they hosted a dinner for all the tutorial speakers on the roof of the San Anton Hotel.

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The view of the sunset from the roof was lovely!

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The following day, during the lunch break, I went exploring with a friend I'd met on the flight out. This is the main cathedral in Granada.

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The cathedral was beautifully imposing from all angles.

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This is one of the antichambers, I think.

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The ceilings were higher than they needed to be for the average person.

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The organs were impressive.

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I would have liked to hear what came out of these pipes.

SpanishCathedral2 SpanishCathedral2.tif
This is one of my favorite HDR shots of a cathedral that I've taken.

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Once we had finished with the church, we wandered off, looking for a place to lunch.

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Werner & Dena
Here is my friend, Dena, with another friend of hers we met while wandering.

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Back at the conference, we enjoyed our afternoon coffee break from the tutorials.

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Here are a couple of fellow tutorial speakers, Simon and Alan, with one of Alan's students, Antonis.

SpanishCanal4 SpanishCanal4.tif
That evening, we enjoyed some of the sights before finding a place to have dinner. Dinner in Spain generally starts about 10ish at the earliest, which was difficult for myself and many others to get used to.

SpanishCanal6 SpanishCanal6.tif
I was so jet-lagged that night, I can't even remember what I did, exactly. I think I went to bed.

Alhambra1 Alhambra1.tif
The following evening, they had the official welcome reception, which started with a tour of the main tourist attraction, the Alhambra.

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The Alhambra is an amazing mix of architectural styles, many of them from Arab and Muslim traditions.

Alhambra3 Alhambra3.tif
The fact that the palaces stood on a hill made sunset a spectacular time to visit.

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As the guides repeated many times, "water is wealth" in this society, so a display of pools and fountains was the ultimate statement of who is richest.

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You have to see this place to believe it.

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The ceilings were modeled in a stalagtite style, and the filigree that covered every surface was mind-boggling.

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People split into several groups of 30 or so in order that the guides could take us around.

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After the tour, we walked up to a reception area where they served us drinks and some light hors d'ouvres. Having not eaten since lunchtime, I'm guessing a lot of people were having trouble standing up after an hour or two of this. Here are the SIGGRAPH representatives sent to recruit people from the conference. Dena and I left just after this photo to go find a place to eat.

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The following night, we headed up through the gypsy quarter to have dinner at a restaraunt on the top of the hill, which featured flamenco music and dancing. Here are some of my friends from University College London.

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I couldn't resist the opportunity to take a few photos of the Alhambra from the other side of the valley.

P9036134 P9036134.JPG

P9036135 P9036135.JPG

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Here we are having dinner.

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El Flamenco!

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The following night, we were on our own again, so I met up with some friends from UCL and headed out to find a nice place to eat.

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The night in Granada is more active than the day, at least on a Friday.

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While we were waiting for Franco to join, Celine visited a local shop.

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Here we are at a nice little patio restaraunt on a small square up in the hills.

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This is me trying snails for (almost) the first time. They were good, if a bit fussy to eat. Franco liked them to, despite his expression.

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