England & Sweden 2004


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That afternoon, I hopped a bus to Bristol from London's Victoria Station, enjoying a sweaty ride through the city because the a/c on the bus wasn't working (or didn't get switched on). Here is the view from the nice little B&B Alan arranged for me at the "Top of the Downs," whatever that's supposed to mean.
Captured June 15 2004 8:14:18p

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The oddly-worded instructions on my phone leads one to wonder why they bothered installing a phone at all...
Captured June 16 2004 10:22:03p

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Ki and I spent an hour or two discussing details of her thesis in preparation for her viva (defense) the following day.
Captured June 15 2004 8:15:38p

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Here we are with Patrick and Veronica, trying to relax.
Captured June 15 2004 8:47:48p

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I don't think Ki had slept properly all week, but she managed to be cheerful despite her worries.
Captured June 15 2004 8:54:42p

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This is the Bristol Art Department, which sits at the top of the main hill about half a mile from the CS (Merchant Ventures) building. I took this shot at night (obviously) on the two mile walk back to the Downs.
Captured June 15 2004 10:55:24p

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I'm not sure what this building's called, but it's famous. It sits across from last night's building, and looks better by day. (They turn the fountains on.)
Captured June 16 2004 9:27:28a

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I'm not certain what it was doing there, but the Merchant Ventures Building had this cool solar-powered car on display on the ground floor.
Captured June 16 2004 4:58:00p

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As we all knew, there was never a chance Ki would fail her viva, and that afternoon the whole department was toasting her success.
Captured June 16 2004 4:13:29p

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Kate (on the left) had completed her viva a couple weeks before, and Georgie (middle left) had gone through the undergraduate CS program at Bristol with Ki. Jade (middle right) is her ever-supportive beau.
Captured June 16 2004 4:15:26p

Alan in his office with his two recent Ph.D. graduates.
Captured June 16 2004 4:49:22p

Kadi was Ki's external examiner, and he joined us later at the EG rendering symposium as well with two of his students, who had a paper there.
Captured June 16 2004 4:50:39p

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Ki telling her mum and dad the good news.
Captured June 16 2004 5:38:43p

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Barry (right) was Ki's internal examiner. Barry always asks the tough questions, and was on Kate's committee as well.
Captured June 16 2004 5:43:31p

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The celebration continued at a local pub, and continued on to other pubs as the night went on.
Captured June 16 2004 6:23:05p

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Me & Veronica.
Captured June 16 2004 7:33:15p

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Kadi, Alan & I had dinner together at an excellent Indian place Ki recommended -- the Tandoori Triangle.
Captured June 16 2004 8:51:21p

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I was doing OK for jet lag at this point, but still having trouble sleeping in with the sun peeking through at 4:30am.
Captured June 16 2004 8:51:47p

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The next day, we had a farewell feast for the two group administrators, who were leaving. I was feeling exhausted from lack of sleep, and could barely keep my head out of my plate. This day and the next I spent in discussions with Alan's grad students about their projects, offering any advice my sleepy brain could come up with.
Captured June 17 2004 8:53:13p

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