England & Sweden 2004


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Garden Cottage
I called on the train out to Leicester as I said I would, but my schedule had changed since we had first discussed it, and I never noticed! Alan switched from a Sunday-Sunday itinerary to a Saturday-Saturday one, and I was in such a rush before the trip to finish other things that it escaped my notice. I didn't realize until John told me that he wasn't expecting me until Sunday that I had screwed up. Fortunately, they had no plans, and it was actually quite nice to have an extra day on the weekend to hang out and play in the garden.
Captured June 27 2004 1:08:08p

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New Porch
Since my last visit to Garden Cottage, John & Shona had installed a new patio, and a new garage with attached greenhouse.
Captured June 27 2004 11:05:11a

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New Garage
The greenhouse (on the left) is particularly nice, though they had only a few plants in there at that time.
Captured June 27 2004 11:07:46a

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Some of the flowers in their garden were quite lovely.
Captured June 27 2004 1:07:39p

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They have many poppies, in about three or four colors.
Captured June 27 2004 1:13:34p

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Sunday afternoon, we went for a stroll down to the nearby lake.
Captured June 27 2004 3:50:07p

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The Wreake
This is the stream for which the town is named.
Captured June 27 2004 2:57:09p

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Watched Swan
The bird was not so far away, actually -- particularly when the bread was brought out.
Captured June 27 2004 3:06:24p

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The road home.
Captured June 27 2004 3:53:15p

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The next day, I took the train to de Montfort University with John.
Captured June 28 2004 8:25:20a

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This is the building where he works -- I can't quite recall it's name.
Captured June 28 2004 9:13:20a

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The office space where John works originally belonged to the mechanical engineering department, which was downsized.
Captured June 28 2004 3:53:28p

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The Guildhall
John took me on a little tour about downtown Leicester, which I'd never really seen properly in all my previous visits.
Captured June 28 2004 1:09:09p

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This is one of the oldest structures in town.
Captured June 28 2004 1:08:40p

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Leicester Cathedral
This is the main cathedral.
Captured June 28 2004 12:30:43p

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And from the inside.
Captured June 28 2004 12:31:52p

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Old Arcade
One of the only remaining arcades in Leicester. Unfortunately, these are all giving way to more modern strip malls these days.
Captured June 28 2004 1:12:55p

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