England & Sweden 2004


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I arrived to London's Heathrow airport, very tired and jet-lagged from an overnight flight. It was beautiful and unusually warm, and my eyes couldn't believe it was still daytime.
Captured June 15 2004 9:47:39a

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This is a lovely old building on the walk between the tube station and UCL, where I was headed.
Captured June 14 2004 5:28:03p

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I didn't make it inside this old cathedral, also on the way, but from the outside it was lovely.
Captured June 15 2004 9:46:39a

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The UCL campus is spread around a bit, and these buildings are across the road from the computer science hall where Celine works.
Captured June 15 2004 9:53:05a

P6159489 P6159489.JPG
This is one of the original halls, I believe.
Captured June 14 2004 5:31:46p

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Here Celine and Katrien are sharing lunch, after we had discussed a possible collaboration on CG relighting. I will visit them again on my way back through London, and hopefully firm up the details.
Captured June 15 2004 1:33:24p

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