England & Sweden 2004

London (again)

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Before heading home, I spent one final day with my friends at UCL in London. This church should look familiar from my earlier visit.
Captured June 29 2004 11:52:47a

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I gave a seminar on HDR imaging in exchange for my hotel -- not the first time.
Captured June 29 2004 4:25:25p

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Katrien, Celine, Alex, Bernhard, & Cameron
Captured June 29 2004 6:54:07p

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Alex also gave a seminar on his new tree rendering method, and we went out to celebrate.
Captured June 29 2004 8:14:50p

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It happened to be his birthday -- he claimed to be turning 29. I'm 39 again this year, myself.
Captured June 29 2004 9:24:35p

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