14th EGSR 2004

P6199605 P6199605.JPG
The Accommodations
Veronica haunting the halls of the hostel where we stayed. As our group's only Swede, she served as our travel agent and made all our arrangements and reservations for us. She did a superb job.
Captured June 19 2004 6:13:17p

P6199608 P6199608.JPG
Enjoying the fine Swedish weather (under the eaves).
Captured June 19 2004 6:19:30p

A tribute to a female labor activist.
Captured June 19 2004 7:01:20p

P6199610 P6199610.JPG
UK phone home
Modern social life -- everyone checking their mobiles.
Captured June 19 2004 6:49:50p

P6199613 P6199613.JPG
Museum of Work
The Museum of Work (under construction).
Captured June 19 2004 7:31:56p

P6209618 P6209618.JPG
The Norrkoeping Lutheran Church.
Captured June 20 2004 9:12:11a

SwedishChurch SwedishChurch.tif
From the inside (in high dynamic range of course).
Captured June 20 2004 9:15:26a

P6209627 P6209627.JPG
We had some sun. It didn't last.
Captured June 20 2004 9:18:50a

P6209628 P6209628.JPG
This was a nice place to lunch, if you didn't mind getting your feet wet.
Captured June 20 2004 9:39:42a

P6209629 P6209629.JPG
Norrkoeping has canals running all through it, like Venice only not sinking.
Captured June 20 2004 9:45:34a

P6209641 P6209641.JPG
One of the many parks we didn't visit during our visit.
Captured June 20 2004 10:02:21a

P6209646 P6209646.JPG
Lunch in front of the grocery mart.
Captured June 20 2004 1:01:55p

EGSRgroup1 EGSRgroup1.tif
Early Birds
The early group, enjoying a brief tour of Norrkoeping. I don't know who the statue depicts.
Captured June 20 2004 1:20:30p

P6209673 P6209673.JPG
Museum of Work
The non-tradesman's entrance to the Museum of Work.
Captured June 20 2004 1:46:53p

P6209674 P6209674.JPG
I think they designed the canals for white water rafting.
Captured June 20 2004 1:50:20p

P6209682 P6209682.JPG
In the Museum of Work's freight elevator, with human cargo. That's Veronica, Kate, Alan, & Kadi.
Captured June 20 2004 2:09:29p

P6209683 P6209683.JPG
There was a cool rope/art/activity exhibit on the 3rd floor. Kate gave the rope bridge a try.
Captured June 20 2004 2:15:54p

P6209685 P6209685.JPG
Spaghetti Cowboy
Patrick missed this try, but the log cow wasn't going anywhere and he got it a minute later.
Captured June 20 2004 2:16:41p

Eating lunch back at a favorite pub.
Captured June 20 2004 2:16:11p

On the way to registration.
Captured June 20 2004 3:45:48p

The early registration for eager-geeks.
Captured June 20 2004 5:48:18p

P6209696 P6209696.JPG
The Cromwell, where everyone gathered to watch two football matches happening simultaneously.
Captured June 20 2004 10:22:56p

P6209698 P6209698.JPG
I found myself turning my head from one screen to the other, which were situated across the room from each other.
Captured June 20 2004 10:23:17p

P6209699 P6209699.JPG
It was a lot like watching a tennis match, actually.
Captured June 20 2004 10:23:51p

P6219700 P6219700.JPG
The first talk of the rendering symposium was given by Jan Koenderink, the famous Dutch computer scientist.
Captured June 21 2004 9:19:29a

P6219701 P6219701.JPG
We were a crowd in this room, but it was nice because there was no avoiding people even if you were sleepy.
Captured June 21 2004 9:19:51a

P6219704 P6219704.JPG
Lunch the first day (as well as the last) was held at the Pappa Grappa restaraunt, which served food of no identifiable nationality.
Captured June 21 2004 12:54:16p

P6219706 P6219706.JPG
The company was good, at least.
Captured June 21 2004 1:04:36p

P6219707 P6219707.JPG
Seated beside Phil is Veronica's brother, Anders, who had volunteered to help out at the symposium. Xi is on the far right.
Captured June 21 2004 1:04:49p

P6219711 P6219711.JPG
This is the only shot I got of Lofstad Castle, inside which no cameras were allowed. They had a lot of old furniture and artwork that I wish I could show you, but I can't.
Captured June 21 2004 7:21:28p

P6219715 P6219715.JPG
Dinner afterwards was a crowded affair, but fun. A largish group of us got together to sing the traditional "Philosopher's Drinking Song" by Monty Python. I led the singing, which was not good. People told us afterwards that we were loud, at least.
Captured June 21 2004 8:27:04p

P6219721 P6219721.JPG
Towards the end of our meal, we had live entertainment -- "The Specular Highlights," who sang (much to our embarrassment) a perfect three-part rendition of "The Philosopher's Drinking Song." I have no pictures from our group's rendition, but I was very glad we went first.
Captured June 21 2004 9:46:13p

P6229724 P6229724.JPG
Our trip to lunch on the second day of the symposium.
Captured June 22 2004 12:53:30p

P6229736 P6229736.JPG
The social event the second night took us to a "dolphinarium," where we saw a water show worthy of (and no doubt inspired by) a broadway musical.
Captured June 22 2004 7:36:17p

P6229742 P6229742.JPG
EG predators
Two very hungry-looking tigers, waiting in ambush for...
Captured June 22 2004 7:48:48p

P6229739 P6229739.JPG
EG prey
...a large group of unsuspecting tourists.
Captured June 22 2004 7:48:05p

P6229743 P6229743.JPG
Darned moat!
Captured June 22 2004 7:50:24p

P6229744 P6229744.JPG
Mmmm... This tree is good. What is that?? Does it have food? Damn. I need a haircut.
Captured June 22 2004 7:56:26p

P6229766 P6229766.JPG
Dinner was in a lovely surrounding. We had food. The surrounding was lovely.
Captured June 22 2004 9:18:03p

Heja Sverige!
Alan and others were busy painting Swedish flags on their cheeks, in show of support for the match underway against Denmark.
Captured June 22 2004 9:44:25p

Kate and I taunting the flamingos as they try to sleep.
Captured June 22 2004 10:44:02p

P6229771 P6229771.JPG
Proof that flamingos are pink, even in the dark.
Captured June 22 2004 10:44:04p

P6239776 P6239776.JPG
Our last meal together was again at the Pappas Grappas. The empty chair in front is mine, and Carsten and Marie-Claude were seated to my right, Reynaud and Yiorgos to my left.
Captured June 23 2004 1:44:54p

P6239781 P6239781.JPG
Captured June 23 2004 1:46:37p

P6239788 P6239788.JPG
Captured June 23 2004 1:49:07p

P6239794 P6239794.JPG
The Host
After the final talk, our student volunteers were each awarded a medal, and the host (Anders Ynnerman) was given a signed soccer ball (oops -- football).
Captured June 23 2004 5:57:14p

P6239796 P6239796.JPG
The Organizer
Mark Ollila, the organizer, was given a signed rugby ball by Alan.
Captured June 23 2004 5:57:43p

P6239797 P6239797.JPG
The Co-chairs
The co-chairs, Alex Keller and Henrik Wann Jensen, said a few words.
Captured June 23 2004 5:58:24p

P6239772 P6239772.JPG
The lot of us. We were an awful lot.
Captured June 23 2004 12:50:09p

P6239805 P6239805.JPG
To celebrate the end of the workshop and the European Cup, we held our own "Teapot Cup" following the tradition started in Pisa two years before. The group was split into Nordic players and the rest. I ended up on the Danish team, because I had a Danish for breakfast, so there was Danish blood flowing in my veins.
Captured June 23 2004 7:28:33p

P6239807 P6239807.JPG
Patrick had a few outstanding shots on goal, but only two got through on the non-Nordic side.
Captured June 23 2004 7:30:31p

P6239815 P6239815.JPG
Steadfast Goalie
Francisco was the non-Nordic team's goalie, and did very well until he injured his arm towards the end of the game.
Captured June 23 2004 7:42:01p

P6239818 P6239818.JPG
Captured June 23 2004 7:44:48p

P6239822 P6239822.JPG
Captured June 23 2004 7:57:22p

P6239823 P6239823.JPG
You'll never get it from me. You're wasting your time. Go away.
Captured June 23 2004 7:57:46p

P6239829 P6239829.JPG
The volunteer players, non-Nordic in green.
Captured June 23 2004 8:37:02p

P6239833 P6239833.JPG
While we were busy playing football, two volleyball games were going on in another part of the park with other folks from the symposium.
Captured June 23 2004 8:47:52p

HostelRoom HostelRoom.tif
Sleeping it off
A high dynamic range shot of a low dynamic content scene. That's Patrick snoring quietly in the bottom bunk. Gavin was in the top, motion pod in neutral.
Captured June 24 2004 8:04:19a

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