RadWorkshop 2003

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The workshop began with three days of tutorials. I taught one day, and John taught three. Seemed fair to me.

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This is the group from my "advanced tutorial," which essentially covered new features added since the book was published.

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Here are most of the learners on the last day of the tutorials.

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The tutorials were followed by two days of seminars. Here Jack de Valpine is answering a question about the visualization technique he presented.

Rad03workshop Rad03workshop.tif
This is a high dynamic-range shot of the audience from my seminar. (I forget what it was about.)

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John wasn't done after three all-day tutorials. He still had two talks to deliver during the seminars.

P9256424 P9256424.JPG
The rapt audience.

P9256425 P9256425.JPG
Rapt audience (part two).

P9256426adj P9256426adj.jpg
Rapt audience (part three).

P9256427 P9256427.JPG
Rapt audience (stragglers).

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Following lunch on Thursday, we paid a visit to the new LBNL testing facility for electrochromic glazings. The Advanced Light Source is the round building on the left -- former home of the original cyclotron.

P9256437 P9256437.JPG
Here is my workshop cohost, Judy Lai, getting things ready for the tour.

P9256447 P9256447.JPG
Steve Selkowitz explaining electrochromics to the group.

P9256446 P9256446.JPG
The group (abridged).

P9256442 P9256442.JPG
The electrochromics (with explicator).

P9256449 P9256449.JPG
Judy took this shot of us from inside the test building.

P9256451 P9256451.JPG
We got to go inside, too.

P9256454 P9256454.JPG
Thursday evening, we went for a walking tour of the UC Berkeley campus.

P9256457 P9256457.JPG
Dan Glaser showed us around the refurbished Hearst Mining Building.

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Here we are under the Campanile. We were lucky to be there at 6pm for the live carillon performance.

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Sather Gate opening into Sproul Plaza.

P9266470 P9266470.JPG
The seminar attendees on the final day. Unfortunately, we missed a few people who had to catch early flights.

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