England, December 2001

PC064672 PC064672.JPG
Rhona, Alan, & Maya
On this trip, I stayed again in Bristol with my friends, Alan and Rhona. The head of the household is a small, furry matron by the name of "Maya."
Captured Dec 6 2001 8:13:43a

PC064673 PC064673.JPG
Alan keeps his head above the paperwork in his office (barely).
Captured Dec 6 2001 4:23:57p

PC074681 PC074681.JPG
Kate at her desk, experiencing a Virtual Reality Moment.
Captured Dec 7 2001 1:03:50p

PC074692 PC074692.JPG
Simon and Alan
The pub is the place.
Captured Dec 7 2001 5:59:01p

PC074693 PC074693.JPG
Oli and Angus
To each his own beer.
Captured Dec 7 2001 5:59:28p

PC074695 PC074695.JPG
Peter and Patrick
Peter and Patrick enjoy a round.
Captured Dec 7 2001 6:01:15p

PC084704 PC084704.JPG
Alan with his Ferrari look-alike, the Citreon.
Captured Dec 8 2001 10:24:45a

PC084720 PC084720.JPG
Kate, the Womble Wannabe.
Captured Dec 8 2001 8:34:58p

PC084722 PC084722.JPG
Ki quite bushed
Ki a little ragged after pulling another all-day-all-night paper writing session.
Captured Dec 8 2001 8:35:50p

PC084723 PC084723.JPG
Patrick, Simon, & Alan
It was a relaxed group that night. We had some wonderful Indian take-out from Alan's favorite place, and I can see why he favors it.
Captured Dec 8 2001 8:37:05p

PC084726 PC084726.JPG
'Hey, gimme back my camera!'
Captured Dec 8 2001 8:38:46p

PC094729 PC094729.JPG
From Bristol, I took the train to Brighton to visit my friend, Katerina. Here, we walked down to the beach to watch the sunset before catching a movie. The sparse cloud above the pier house is a flock of black birds, which moved around in waves and was quite a sight to see.
Captured Dec 9 2001 3:38:46p

PC094739 PC094739.JPG
Katerina really wanted to see the first "Harry Potter" movie, which we both loved. I had already seen it twice, but it was called "The Sorcerer's Stone" in the States, rather than it's proper British title, "The Philosopher's Stone."
Captured Dec 9 2001 3:39:46p

PC104743 PC104743.JPG
Euston Station
The next day, I returned to London to visit with some friends I'd met at the rendering workshop at the University of Central London.
Captured Dec 10 2001 11:01:05a

PC104757 PC104757.JPG
Bernhard Spanlang
Bernhard is a UCL Ph.D. student using Radiance to render clothing.
Captured Dec 10 2001 12:07:15p

PC104762 PC104762.JPG
I had some free time in the afternoon to tour the British Museum, which is right near UCL. This is a bust of the Emperor Claudius, as seen in the BBC series.
Captured Dec 10 2001 4:21:36p

PC104767 PC104767.JPG
A remarkably detailed tapestry.
Captured Dec 10 2001 4:49:37p

PC104768 PC104768.JPG
A remarkable detail of the remarkably detailed tapestry.
Captured Dec 10 2001 4:50:54p

PC104774 PC104774.JPG
Roman Coinage
These are actual gold roman coins that have been found and collected. Each one must be worth a fortune -- I'm amazed they had these out at all.
Captured Dec 10 2001 5:04:19p

PC104775 PC104775.JPG
Roman Coinage Explained
Many of the artifacts in this exhibit were found in "hoards," buried treasures left by rich families who left on travel, never to return.
Captured Dec 10 2001 5:05:59p

WreathBuilding WreathBuilding.tif
Since it was only 15 days until Christmas, London was poshly decorated for the holidays. Here is a hotel Christmas display in the traditional Garish style.
Captured Dec 10 2001 7:55:19p

PC104784 PC104784.JPG
Sophia & Celine
I had dinner with Celine and a few of her friends. This is Sophia, who is from Portugal.
Captured Dec 10 2001 9:23:09p

PC104785 PC104785.JPG
Two women we shared our table with, getting cheeky. One was from Africa, and the other was American. Guess which is which.
Captured Dec 10 2001 9:23:47p

PC185158 PC185158.JPG
De Montfort
This is just a pond they have at De Montfort University, but the building behind is over a hundered years old, and it all looks quite nice and rustic.
Captured Dec 18 2001 3:18:21p

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