England, June 2001

P6211641 P6211641.JPG
This is Katerina's oh-so-cozy room in Brighton, where she finished her Ph.D. and nearly did herself in with stress. She is still recovering from her experience, nearly a year later.
Captured June 21 2001 6:24:49p

P6211643 P6211643.JPG
Enjoying the flat-owner's cat. Katerina says she doesn't normally take to animals, but she had a soft spot for this one.
Captured June 21 2001 6:31:22p

P6211648 P6211648.JPG
This is one of my favorite pictures of Katerina. It captures a small fraction of how beautiful she is in person, which most pictures fail to do.
Captured June 21 2001 8:51:34p

P6211655 P6211655.JPG
A great nighttime shot of one of the popular outdoor pubs in Brighton.
Captured June 21 2001 10:25:49p

P6231683 P6231683.JPG
Ki's birthday party -- everyone was invited, and everyone came!
Captured June 23 2001 10:35:40p

P6231672 P6231672.JPG
Kate sneaks up on Ki with a flaming surprise.
Captured June 23 2001 10:31:55p

P6231674 P6231674.JPG
The birthday girls makes her wish.
Captured June 23 2001 10:32:13p

P6231668 P6231668.JPG
Kate, Someone, and Erik.
Captured June 23 2001 9:39:54p

P6231669 P6231669.JPG
Alan, Ki, and Hazel
Ki opens her presents.
Captured June 23 2001 9:40:26p

P6241706 P6241706.JPG
The next morning, Alan, Rhona, Maya (the dog) and I went out looking for breakfast along the pier. We walked quite a distance to get to this place, where you could have eggs and bacon pressed between two pieces of toast. A British delicacy my stomach was too delicate for at that hour.
Captured June 24 2001 10:40:55a

P6241709 P6241709.JPG
I love this shot of an abandoned factory across the water, with weeds growing out of the old smokestack.
Captured June 24 2001 11:21:46a

P6241710 P6241710.JPG
The Matthew
This is a replica of John Cabot's boat, which sailed to Newfoundland in 1497.
Captured June 24 2001 11:22:20a

P6241711 P6241711.JPG
They seemed to be having a sailing race or something in the canal.
Captured June 24 2001 11:26:45a

P6281960 P6281960.JPG
Dining with Rhona and Alan, my Bristolian host and hostess (not necessarily in that order).
Captured June 28 2001 8:19:59p

BristolBridge BristolBridge.tif
A high dynamic-range shot of the famous Bristol Bridge.
Captured June 28 2001 9:14:43p

P6281994 P6281994.JPG
At dusk, they switched on some decorative lights that looked quite nice, I thought.
Captured June 28 2001 9:41:05p

P6302051 P6302051.JPG
Maya the Pathetic
Maya had just had cataract surgery, and was suffering from an all-body rash as well. It's a dog's life.
Captured June 30 2001 9:43:05a

P6302053 P6302053.JPG
Alan suiting up for an awards dinner. Well worth it, we all decide the next day, as he walked off with a 20,000 pound cash award for Archlight's business plan.
Captured June 30 2001 10:57:56a

P6302080 P6302080.JPG
The huge chapel just next to Bristol University.
Captured June 30 2001 11:15:28a

P6302081 P6302081.JPG
Me about to get lost as I ride out alone. 'I don't need a map I say -- I have a superb of direction.' Very, very lost.
Captured June 30 2001 2:18:58p

P6302085 P6302085.JPG
When one is getting lost, it is important that one enjoy oneself. This is a beautiful, nearby park that I biked quite some distance to get to, thinking I was far away. The bridge reminded me of midieval times, probably because that's when it was built.
Captured June 30 2001 2:50:20p

P6302087 P6302087.JPG
They had an old manor museum on the grounds, complete with a private school.
Captured June 30 2001 3:01:12p

P6302088 P6302088.JPG
Captured June 30 2001 3:01:36p

P6302089 P6302089.JPG
Back when daylight was the only light, architects made marvelous use of it.
Captured June 30 2001 3:03:18p

P6302131 P6302131.JPG
The castle at the top of the hill. Small, but classic.
Captured June 30 2001 3:25:08p

P6302143 P6302143.JPG
A shallow cave I decided to explore on the way down the hill.
Captured June 30 2001 3:33:40p

P6302145 P6302145.JPG
Other explorers came after me.
Captured June 30 2001 3:35:42p

P6302147 P6302147.JPG
The biking/hiking path looked like this pretty much everywhere I went in the park. I left a different way than I came in. One of a good many mistakes I made on my little adventure.
Captured June 30 2001 3:42:10p

P6302200 P6302200.JPG
Now, that's Cricket! I watched for about twenty minutes, never gaining the slightest insight as to what was going on. Some sports are simply too subtle for the American mind to grasp. No one was injured the entire time I watched.
Captured June 30 2001 4:04:11p

P7012202 P7012202.JPG
The next day, Alan took me to an inn some miles away in Wales, where they brewed some famous ale I didn't even try, not caring at all for ale.
Captured July 1 2001 12:15:37p

P7012204 P7012204.JPG
The Boat Inn

Captured July 1 2001 12:16:31p

P7012212 P7012212.JPG
A church I quite liked across the main road.
Captured July 1 2001 1:18:01p

P7012217 P7012217.JPG
Tintern Abbey is one of the most remarkable "open air" designs of the Post-ancient architectural period.
Captured July 1 2001 1:44:50p

TinternAbbey TinternAbbey.tif
Multiple-exposures allowed me to combine a single image where you could see both sky and foreground. Most of the others are washed out by comparison.
Captured July 1 2001 1:48:13p

P7012232 P7012232.JPG
Welsh is a language not well suited to a written form, as it contains no vowels whatsoever. I dare you to read the right-hand translation of this text out loud.
Captured July 1 2001 1:50:30p

P7012233 P7012233.JPG
Truly breathtaking.
Captured July 1 2001 1:52:29p

P7012234 P7012234.JPG
Captured July 1 2001 1:52:54p

P7012237 P7012237.JPG
Looking up one of the still-standing towers.
Captured July 1 2001 1:54:23p

P7012248 P7012248.JPG
I particularly like this angle.
Captured July 1 2001 2:01:53p

P7012249 P7012249.JPG
Small world syndrome: Here is David Jones and his wife, whom I'd last seen about 15 years ago at UCB, where he was a graduate student under Jitendra Malik and had a penchant for using Radiance for everything from ground-truth renderings to drawing nice 3-D bar charts.
Captured July 1 2001 2:10:20p

P7012252 P7012252.JPG
A parting shot of the abbey. It was such a beautiful place, showing the poignancy of decay with an ironic twist. Man makes artifice to honor the magnificence of God. God slowly and lovingly destroys artifice to honor the impermanence of Man. The scaffolding detracts a bit.
Captured July 1 2001 2:12:39p

P7022255 P7022255.JPG
Ki sees me off on the train back to London.
Captured July 2 2001 2:14:08p

P7022256 P7022256.JPG
Some blue-billed ducks at the park near the London university where I met up with John Mardaljevic, whom I hadn't seen in a few years.
Captured July 2 2001 4:19:15p

P7022272 P7022272.JPG
John with his wife Shona at a favorite curry house in Leicester that evening.
Captured July 2 2001 8:22:39p

P7032277 P7032277.JPG
John in his office at De Montfort (formerly Leicester) University.
Captured July 3 2001 9:31:36a

P7032282 P7032282.JPG
Garden Cottage
John and Shona's quaint villa in Frisby on the Wreake.
Captured July 3 2001 6:39:15p

P7042298 P7042298.JPG
The ducklings of De Montfort.
Captured July 4 2001 1:09:37p

P7042300 P7042300.JPG
The ponds had swans.
Captured July 4 2001 1:09:51p

P7042303 P7042303.JPG
A small church next to the college grounds.
Captured July 4 2001 1:19:56p

P7042311 P7042311.JPG
On a little walk behind the University, I saw a lovely tree, and decided to take it home with me. We weren't allowed to stray from the road, as foot-and-mouth disease was still a problem that year.
Captured July 4 2001 1:58:18p

P7052327 P7052327.JPG
I swung back through London on my way home, just to socialize. Here I am at lunch with the UCL group at a nearby, favorite Italian place. Left to right, there's Franco, Celine, Mel, Me, and the Guy sitting next to me.
Captured July 5 2001 1:03:24p

P7052330 P7052330.JPG
We visited the British Museum near UCL, just before closing time.
Captured July 5 2001 10:38:24p

P7052334 P7052334.JPG
A concept for a modern skyscraper, designed to dwarf and humiliate the buildings kneeling beside it, whilst simultaneously puncturing the stratosphere and shouting to the Universe, "You don't have to be big to be ugly, but it helps!"
Captured July 5 2001 10:47:57p

P7052335 P7052335.JPG
One of the famous monuments from Easter Island. The British don't necessarily understand art, but they are expert at its collection.
Captured July 5 2001 10:50:00p

P7052337 P7052337.JPG
Celine with some favorite Chinese Bells, all but invisible in the background due to some clever angling and flash use on the part of the photographer.
Captured July 5 2001 10:51:19p

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