England & Italy (2), June 2002

P6216804 P6216804.JPG
Here I am in Bristol, at a pub with Alan and Ki, among others.
Captured June 21 2002 6:11:02p

P6226824 P6226824.JPG
Ki was having a birthday celebration that weekend, and invited me along to a paintballing adventure. I only have before and after shots, as the experience was not really camera-friendly, to say the least.
Captured June 22 2002 5:10:37p

P6226828 P6226828.JPG
Dave, Angus, Chris, Pete, Henk
These are after shots, showing some of the survivors.
Captured June 22 2002 5:11:51p

P6226829 P6226829.JPG
Alan's wife, Rhona, even joined in the fun.
Captured June 22 2002 5:12:54p

P6226830 P6226830.JPG
The Injury
Pete and I suffered similar injuries on the upper lip, both of us taking a paintball straight to the face shield, which had a grill for breathing that wasn't 100% protective.
Captured June 22 2002 5:13:16p

P6226832 P6226832.JPG
We all had to wear "dog tags," to identify the bodies.
Captured June 22 2002 5:13:33p

P6226836 P6226836.JPG
This is at Ki's dinner party later that evening, which occupied three tables at an all-you-can-eat-and-drink tappas restaraunt.
Captured June 22 2002 8:14:30p

P6226843 P6226843.JPG
One of the other tables. The food was quite good, and the sangria was quite plentiful.
Captured June 22 2002 8:18:12p

P6226847 P6226847.JPG
Rhona, Pete, Gaz, Patrick
Gaz was a cut-up.
Captured June 22 2002 8:19:50p

P6226852 P6226852.JPG
This table was quite mellow, for the most part.
Captured June 22 2002 8:22:13p

P6226856 P6226856.JPG
Pete, Adrian & Claire
Adrian and Claire are engaged professors at the University in Redding where Ki's parents also teach. I didn't get much chance to visit with them, but they seemed very nice.
Captured June 22 2002 8:24:46p

P6226857 P6226857.JPG
Carl, Hazel, & Ki
Ki is very close to her brother, Carl, and shares a keen interest in extreme sports activities. (Carl even has a Ph.D. in it!) Hazel is her friend from high school, where they did drama together, and she is enjoying some success as a stage actress.
Captured June 22 2002 8:27:39p

P6226862 P6226862.JPG
Playing w/ Stars
Hazel and Ki were putting little gold stars on everyone who would let them...
Captured June 22 2002 9:13:38p

P6226863 P6226863.JPG
Alan and Ki have been going out for over a year. Alan is a great chap, and I spent most of the dinner talking with him and Emma, as they were seated across from me.
Captured June 22 2002 9:31:33p

P6226866 P6226866.JPG
Captured June 22 2002 9:34:31p

P6226871 P6226871.JPG
Emma is studying to be a veterinarian for exotic and endangered animals. She is exotic, herself.
Captured June 22 2002 9:36:45p

P6226884 P6226884.JPG
Hazel, Emma, & Angus
Angus is a professor at Bristol University, and one of the younger and more brilliant ones, I hear.
Captured June 22 2002 10:47:38p

P6226890 P6226890.JPG
I love this picture.
Captured June 22 2002 10:55:48p

P6226891 P6226891.JPG
Captured June 22 2002 10:55:57p

P6226893 P6226893.JPG
She's Got a Knife!
Captured June 22 2002 10:56:17p

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