Singapore & Cambodia 2007 (part 1)

In late September, Elizabeth and I took a package tour to Indochina with Globotours, which I can highly recommend. Our goal was to see Angkor Wat and other famous temples near Siem Reap in Cambodia, but the tour started us out in Singapore, where we had a relaxed time recovering from our jet-lag.

DSC_6603 DSC_6603.JPG
Our trip began in style at the Ritz Carlton Millenium in downtown Singapore.

DSC_6457 DSC_6457.JPG
The hotel from the outside...

DSC_6455 DSC_6455.JPG
...and our floor looking down on the pool and entry circle.

DSC_6341 DSC_6341.JPG
Our day started with a delicious buffet cut short by a panicked search for some misplaced documents, followed by a tour in the tropical rain.
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DSC_6348 DSC_6348.JPG
Our tour guide, who explained the mix of cultures that characterized this city-state.

DSC_6351 DSC_6351.JPG
Little India was full of Hindu religious figures and a wonderful temple, which we visited later.

DSC_6358 DSC_6358.JPG
First, we had to make a stop to see Singapore's mascot, the "Merlion," or "Kitten of the Sea" in rough translation.

DSC_6357 DSC_6357.JPG
A fellow tourist took this for us.
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DSC_6360 DSC_6360.JPG
The rain was lovely and warm, and none of us minded getting a little wet.
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DSC_6361 DSC_6361.JPG
I believe this was the original Merlion fountain, which was moved from its old spot at the mouth of the river when the city expanded, as it continues to do.
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DSC_6365 DSC_6365.JPG
The entrance to the famous Hindu temple.

DSC_6374 DSC_6374.JPG
The face in the doorway was a little intimidating...
Owner Elizabeth

DSC_6378 DSC_6378.JPG
Entry is free and open to all, though everyone is asked to remove their shoes.
Owner Elizabeth

DSC_6377 DSC_6377.JPG
Religious ceremonies and blessings are the purview of the Brahman caste.
Owner Elizabeth

DSC_6376 DSC_6376.JPG
The rituals involve many substances, mostly edibles, usually burnt in offering. Sometimes the ashes are placed on the foreheads of worshipers. It reminded me of my own attempts at cooking.
Owner Elizabeth

DSC_6383 DSC_6383.JPG
The gods seem to do a lot of partying.
Owner Elizabeth
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DSC_6390 DSC_6390.JPG
Eliz found a scarf almost identical to the one she wore there, and we brought home others as well.
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DSC_6399 DSC_6399.JPG
The penultimate stop on the tour was a jewelry and souvenir store, where we dutifully looked around at the semi-precious gifts. I was fascinated by the stone-inlaid globes.
Owner Elizabeth
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DSC_6397 DSC_6397.JPG
They also had "stonings," some containing little waterworks and LEDs that would light up when you clapped. Oooo!
Owner Elizabeth
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DSC_6438 DSC_6438.JPG
Our final tour stop was a lovely botanical garden, which probably required more care than was apparent from the lush growth and tropical climate.

DSC_6423 DSC_6423.JPG
Now that the sun was out, the air could hold a tiny bit more mostiure, which it set about doing...

DSC_6426 DSC_6426.JPG
Eliz & I before we didn't go in to see the orchid garden, which hardly seemed worth it for the short time we had. Besides, entering a hothouse seemed beyond redundant.
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SingaporeTree1 SingaporeTree1.jpg
One of several high dynamic range (HDR) images I took of trees and things. (Any image that isn't named "DSC_blah.")
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DSC_6400 DSC_6400.JPG
Some BIG leaves.

DSC_6428 DSC_6428.JPG
A consciousness-raising circle, where there were repeated and enthusiastic queries from one fellow of "Who is the leader?" answered by many "I am the leader!" replies. It's actually quite funny when you think about it.

DSC_6431 DSC_6431.JPG
A man-made lake surrounded a concert ampitheater, and in the lake were thousands of koi.

DSC_6436 DSC_6436.JPG
There were many of these fellows as well. I think it's called a "bird."
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DSC_6434 DSC_6434.JPG
Keywords wildlife

DSC_6444 DSC_6444.JPG
Keywords wildlife

DSC_6443 DSC_6443.JPG
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DSC_6446 DSC_6446.JPG
A flower with wet leaves. (OK, I happen to know this one is called a "lily" and the blooms are "lily pops.")
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DSC_6456 DSC_6456.JPG
Later that afternoon, we set out to explore the downtown on our own.

DSC_6449 DSC_6449.JPG
Before we did, we decided to have a bite to eat at the local mall. Shopping seems to be the national pastime.
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DSC_6450 DSC_6450.JPG
Here we are on the bridge to the Chinese place we selected from a dozen alternatives.
Owner Elizabeth
Keywords Greg

DSC_6471 DSC_6471.JPG
This is a 73-story hotel, which our guide told us was formerly the world's tallest.
Comment A 73-story hotel

DSC_6468 DSC_6468.JPG
A peek at the Esplanade, Singapore's cultural center where they hold concerts and such.

SingaporeEsplanadeCenter SingaporeEsplanadeCenter.tif
An HDR view of the larger structure.
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SingaporeBldg2 SingaporeBldg2.jpg
Another HDR of a modern office building that caught my fancy.
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DSC_6491 DSC_6491.JPG
There were older structures as well -- this is an Anglican church, of which we saw a few.

SingaporeSpiralStair2 SingaporeSpiralStair2.jpg
I loved these spiral stairs.
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SingaporeMarket1 SingaporeMarket1.jpg
Another indoor mall. We saw more than a few of these...
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BugisMarket1 BugisMarket1.jpg
This was probably the most popular market we visited, on Bugis Street.
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DSC_6529 DSC_6529.JPG
Bugis St. Market
Did I mention the national pastime?

DSC_6554 DSC_6554.JPG
I was needing one of these about this point.

DSC_6553 DSC_6553.JPG
I framed this carefully so you couldn't see the color of the "water."

DSC_6555 DSC_6555.JPG
Evening was accompanied by gaggles of loitering males in Little India. Women were conspicuously scarce.

DSC_6560 DSC_6560.JPG
Elizabeth loves windows and their hints of mysteries beyond.
Owner Elizabeth

DSC_6563 DSC_6563.JPG
Another Anglican church, well-attended this Sunday evening.

DSC_6565 DSC_6565.JPG
A view from Little Arabia.

DSC_6564 DSC_6564.JPG
This was right before I nearly passed out from heat stroke. We were trying to find a place to eat, and I was desperate for a place to sit down and cool down. Little Arabia wasn't big on air conditioning, as it turned out.

DSC_6567 DSC_6567.JPG
The following day, we had a little time in the morning before we needed to head to the airport, so we went in search of the Fountain of Wealth. (We gave up on the Fountain of Youth some years back.) A passerby pointed out the prominent numerals represented on this building. The foggy look is not in the air, but on the lens -- moving from the A/C of the hotel out into the dense humidity outdoors meant I had to wait 20 minutes or so before the condensation on the lens evaporated again.

DSC_6572 DSC_6572.JPG
We were directed to yet another indoor mall to find the fountain, this one following a distinctive library theme.

DSC_6577 DSC_6577.JPG
More koi, these occupying an indoor fountain.
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DSC_6594adj DSC_6594adj.jpg
The fountain of wealth at last. But we already have each other, so who needs it?
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DSC_6597 DSC_6597.JPG
Oh, well, it can't hurt.
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DSC_6598 DSC_6598.JPG
Instructions on getting wealthy in several languages.
Keywords Eliz

DSC_6600 DSC_6600.JPG
Dang! Does everyone want to be rich? People are so greedy.

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