Siggraph 2002

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P7218279 P7218279.JPG
Sara and I stayed at the same hotel, which was very close to the Alamo. I had never seen it before, and I barely had a chance to even think about it, let alone remember it, while we were there.

P7218281 P7218281.JPG
"The River Walk" as they called it was a very nice stroll of shops by the river, which looked a whole lot like a canal. Boats of tourists went by frequently, and we could catch little snippets here and there of the tour guide's speel.

P7218280 P7218280.JPG
Sara and I met up with Holly on the first day we were there, and had dinner together.

P7218282adj P7218282adj.jpg
The tex-mex food was quite good at this restaraunt, which boasted a bona-fide mariachi band to accompany your meal.

P7218292 P7218292.JPG
Night on the River Walk.

SanAntonioCC SanAntonioCC.tif
SA Conference Center
The conference center itself was quite attractive, and had plenty of little nooks and places you could sit and converse or just hang out. Too bad we won't be having Siggraph there again anytime soon -- attendance was way down due to the difficulty of getting to San Antonio. Just when I was learning my way around!

P7228305 P7228305.JPG
Tim, Alan, Toshi, & Erik
These were the speaker's at Alan's popular "Parallel Rendering" course, one of two half-day courses he helped organize this year.

P7228326 P7228326.JPG
Greg, Phillipe, Kat, Paul, Alan, Duncan
And here's the other course -- a new one on Archaeology, which Kate did much of the work for. I got to participate in this one, and it seemed to go over quite well. (Except for my bit -- but we can ignore that.)

P7228329 P7228329.JPG
Greg, Phillipe, Kate, Paul, Alan, Duncan
Here I am rendering motion-blur in real time!

P7228331 P7228331.JPG
Katerina, Holly, & Ioana
The Siggraph welcome reception was very well done this year and a lot of fun. It continued on into the "Chapters Party," where Siggraph chapter organizers are celebrated. Many of the guests didn't realize that there were two parties, and just hung out the entire time. We hung out, too, but at least we knew what we were doing!

P7228333 P7228333.JPG
The party included a number of live entertainers, including a magician who couldn't fool anyone and a knife-juggler who kept dropping his knives at people's feet. The lariat master was perty good, tho.

P7228336 P7228336.JPG
There were several separate rooms where people could gather to talk and listen to different kinds of music at different decible levels. This was one of the "quieter" rooms...

P7238341 P7238341.JPG
The charicature artist they had basically drew smiley faces for everyone. No one resembled their charicature, but everyone's charicature resembled everyone else's.

P7228338 P7228338.JPG
The live music was all country, all the time. They did have a DJ programming beats in one of the halls, which was full the whole night long.

P7228339 P7228339.JPG
Lou & Ki

P7228340 P7228340.JPG
Alan's Fan
To cool us off, they had some swamp coolers blowing mist, which was a blessing to the dancers. (Alan is a big dancer!)

P7238343 P7238343.JPG
Colin & Neill
I don't even know what to say about these two characters, except that this shot was pretty normal for them.

P7238357 P7238357.JPG
The following day, Katerina gave a presentation in a course organized by Mel Slater on virtual reality and "presence." It was quite good, what I saw of it. Unfortunately, I had a number of conflicts that day and had to keep rushing out to catch other talks and things.

P7238364 P7238364.JPG
Here's me, Scott, Alan (with finger), Ki, and Pete, enjoying a nice, Texas-style BBQ dinner.

P7238367 P7238367.JPG
A Kitschound
I caught sight of this amazing example of Americana through a shop window, and had to take a picture.

P7238371 P7238371.JPG
Spiros & Katerina
Katerina came "with friend" this year. Spiros was very nice, I thought, though his English was only slightly better than my Greek.

P7248376 P7248376.JPG
3D Printer
One of the interesting new developments at Siggraph were these commercial rapid prototyping printers.

P7248378 P7248378.JPG
Here's a collection of items that were produced by this company's 3D printing technology.

P7248393 P7248393.JPG
Wall Crawler
I'm not sure who this was, but it looked like he was having fun.

P7248397 P7248397.JPG
Shlomo, Julie, & Leonard
I just happened to get out my camera as we were settling the bill, so this is what I got.

P7248402 P7248402.JPG
Ann, Maryann, & Katerina
Enjoying ourselves at the well-attended Morgan-Kaufmann party.

P7248419 P7248419.JPG
Kate & Ki
Alan has come to the MKP party with his students and friends so many years in a row now, that they finally gave up and extended him an official invitation. His crashing days are over.

P7248420 P7248420.JPG
Erik & Kate
What is it with the Dutch and the Irish?

P7258422 P7258422.JPG
After the MKP party, a bunch of people came over to our hotel to continue some important chemistry research in the creation and metabolism of various alcoholic colloids.

P7258427 P7258427.JPG
Sara, the chief scientist, with her research assistants, Fredo and Schlomo.

P7258423 P7258423.JPG
I believe the name of this experiment was the "Texas Toaster."

IMG_1956 IMG_1956.JPG
Here are some of the experimental subjects. I was the control.

IMG_1952 IMG_1952.JPG
Terry, Ki, & Scott
Out of a mug?

IMG_1965 IMG_1965.JPG
Lilly & Sara
Bottoms up, my little guinea pigs!

IMG_1966 IMG_1966.JPG
Why is everyone just holding their drinks?

IMG_1981 IMG_1981.JPG
Not losing control, yet!

IMG_1990 IMG_1990.JPG
Schlomo & Ann

IMG_1964 IMG_1964.JPG

P7258431 P7258431.JPG
Per w/ Lilly's Hat
It looks quite good on him, actually.

IMG_1991 IMG_1991.JPG
Msr. Durand
Be Fredo, Be Very Fredo.

IMG_2006 IMG_2006.JPG
I suspect these dancers were having their motion captured, but I wasn't there, so I can't say for sure. This is one of several of Pete's pictures I included in the set.

IMG_2001 IMG_2001.JPG
Darth Longhurst
Here's Pete giving the virtual light saber a go in the emerging technologies exhibit.

P7258433 P7258433.JPG
Gerhard & Olaf
On the final day of the exhibition, I joined my friends at Spheron for tear-down, and helped them lug their equipment back to their rental car, and we had a drink in celebration (tea).

IMG_2040 IMG_2040.JPG
Tear Down
It's amazing how quickly the show comes apart, really.

IMG_2021 IMG_2021.JPG
That night was the technical reception, and Alan was getting down as usual.

IMG_2022 IMG_2022.JPG
Boogie Man

IMG_2028 IMG_2028.JPG
Move over Travolta!

P7268437 P7268437.JPG
Following the party, Paul and Maya and I went for a little walk by the river and took in some desserts.

P7268440 P7268440.JPG
Here we are at lunch on the final day, getting ready for Patrick's sketch.

P7268441 P7268441.JPG
Sara joined us by happy coincidence.

P7268443 P7268443.JPG
Ki got this souvenier bear for Alan, and Kate attached a train of miniature ribbons to his little badge.

P7268461 P7268461.JPG
Patrick gave quite a good talk at our sketch on the HDR viewer.

IMG_2053 IMG_2053.JPG
Erik shows off his final ribbon collection.

P7268462 P7268462.JPG
The whole lot of us. Or at least, a whole lot of us.

P7268463 P7268463.JPG
Ready for sleep, here we are back at Oakland International, waiting much longer than we expected for the discount parking shuttle to pick us up.

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