SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles, CA, August 1999

Gary Meyer, Ann McNamara and Harold Westlund at breakfast. Gary and Harold are from the University of Washington, and Ann is from the University of Bristol, and we were talking about work Gary and Harold have done to extend Radiance to handle arbitrary BRDFs.

My friends, Holly Rushmeier and Christine Piatko, consoling me after my Siggraph sketch.

After the stress of the sketch and subsequent demo, I wandered off in search of dinner in downtown LA, which seems to close around 5pm. I would have settled for a donut shop; I was so desperate, but what I found was a cute, little Thai place run by a family that seemed to have its residence in the main part of the restaraunt. Their little girl, Shai-Yi, was particularly charming, and fascinated with my Sony Cyber-shot camera. I took pictures of her, her dad and her mom, and she kept asking to see them all again and again as I enjoyed my dinner.

Siggraph vice chair and U. of Bristol ringmaster, Alan Chalmers and myself at the Morgan Kaufmann party (which was, like, totally excellent).

Me and Alex Keller at the MKP party.

Paul Debevec (Mr. Fiat Lux and all-around good guy) and moi.

Nelson Max and his family at the party. If you don't know who Nelson Max is, I give up.

Ian Ashdown and his wife, Jan. Ian is a fellow MKP author (Radiosity: A Programmer's Perspective), and the guy most to blame for getting me to write a book on Radiance.

Me and Elena Vileshina having lunch the next day. Elena and I met two years ago at Siggraph in L.A., and have been hanging out together ever since. She's just starting her second year as a Stanford graduate student under Pat Hanrahan.

Me and Sumant Pattanaik at the convention center. Sumant just signed on for another year at Cornell, if I remember right.

An appropriately artsy shot taken at the ray-tracing round table.

Me, Karol Myszkowski, and Henrik Wann Jensen at the papers/panels reception Thursday night. Karol is from the Univ. of Aizu in Japan, originally from Poland, and Henrik is at M.I.T., originally Denmark.

Matt and Ella at the reception, a long-distance couple who met at Ella's technical sketch a year ago in Orlando, and they kept in touch through phone calls and e-mail until their reunion this Siggraph. Ella is Katerina's close friend from Bristol (see next picture).

Nan Schaller and Katerina Mania at the reception. Katerina is a very good friend I met at the Eurographics Workshop on Rendering last year in Vienna. She's doing her graduate work at Bristol University under Alan Chalmers.

Ann McNamara and Sara McMains at the reception. Ann is from Bristol Univ., also working with Alan, and Sara is from UCB, working with Carlo Sequin.

Me, Sara and Danny about to enjoy lunch at a nice, little Mexican restaraunt a short hike from the convention center. Since Danny's is an L.A. escapee, he was splitting his time somewhat between Siggraph and family. Danny and I flew in and out together, which made the trip a bit more fun.

Paul Heckbert and Jules Bloominthal back at the convention. Paul and I met when he was doing graduate work at UCB, and he and Jules have been hanging out their NYIT days.

A nice overview of L.A. (with smog) from the tram of the new Getty Museum.

The Stanford Univ. group I accompanied to the museum. Starting from the left, there is Kekoa Proudfoot, Brad Johanson, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Lucas Pereira, Francois Guimbretiere, John Owens, Elena Vileshina, James Davis, Diane Tang, Mystery Guest, and Ravi Ramamoorthi. Bottom row from left is Delle (Pat's wife), Pat Hanrahan, Tamara Munzner, and Marc Levoy. (Thanks to Elena for helping me out with the names. Option-click image for a hi-res version.)

Elena in the Getty Museum courtyard.

A detail on one of the more amazing paintings from the exhibit.

Here is an inspired vision of the second coming of Jesus, riding a donkey in a parade of fools. I really enjoyed this one, and especially liked the way I happened to catch a couple of people randomly posing in my photo.

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