Vancouver, 2002 BC

P2215738 P2215738.JPG
Jan & Ian Ashdown
I dined the first night with my friends at a sushi restaraunt in North Vancouver. Jan recognized the fellow in the background sitting next to her as one of the richest men in Vancouver, and kept stealing glances.

P2225739 P2225739.JPG
Green College
This is the dining commons at Green College, where I stayed. As you can see, it was quite beautiful. And empty.

HDRgroup HDRgroup.tif
Lorne, Scott, Wolfgang, Avi, Don, Helge
This is the crew working on high dynamic-range displays and so forth. (The image is in high dynamic range, naturally.)

P2225768 P2225768.JPG
Mongolian BBQ
Dinner was at a Mongolian barbeque place that I remembered from '92 and insisted we go to. You select your own ingredients and weigh them before the cook fries them for you. Delicious!

P2225770 P2225770.JPG
Everyone happy with the custom-made dish. I guess the Mongols settled on this method of cooking to avoid any fights during mealtime.

SeaWall SeaWall.tif
This is an HDR image I took along a walk Ian and Jan showed me.

P2235797 P2235797.JPG
Enjoying a cup of hot cocao to warm up before the movie.

P2235800 P2235800.JPG

P2235801 P2235801.JPG
If it's not one, it's the other.

P2235802 P2235802.JPG
Finally, both smiling!

P2245804 P2245804.JPG
Green College
Here are the dorm grounds, later in the day when the sun came out.

P2245814 P2245814.JPG
UBC campus
The UBC campus is a very popular place to film TV series and the like, where they need a fairly nice but non-descript university backdrop.

P2245825 P2245825.JPG
Kara & Me
Here I am with Kara, who was not feeling well this particular day, but she put a good face on, anyway.

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