Cornell Workshop on Rendering, Measurement and Perception, April 1999

Nightlife as we sampled it in Ithaca consisted largely of bowling and drinking, not necessarily in that order. Rob Shakespeare turned out to be one of the best bowlers among us, and swore that it had been over a decade since he last won a championship.

Alan Chalmers made the rest of us feel good about our games. Here he is bowling left-handed due to a slight thumb injury on his right hand incurred early in the game.

Karol Myszkowski is a natural leftie, and was also quite good.

Here are Rob, Katerina Mania and Ann McNamara enjoying the other half of this important pastime....

Just so you don't think this workshop was all fun and games, here is a group of us touring the local wineries, under the skilled direction of Cornell's Ben Trumbore.

And here's Henrik Wann Jensen, Kristin Dana and Eric LaFortune enjoying the Ithaca sights. (Rick Bukowski in the background is noticing that he forgot to set his wardrobe to East Coast.)

And here's the sight they were enjoying -- Taughannoch Falls, framed by (left to right) Steve Westin, Paul Debevec and Jack Tumblin. (Click here for some other nice shots of Ithaca waterfalls.)

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