Paul and kids at the Exploratorium (more...)

Robert with gyroplane (more...)

Sam and his son, Sean, at a free archery lesson in a Berkeley park.

Elena and me in Los Altos Hills, June 2000.

Catalina at Shutterfly.

Michele at my 39th birthday party in Tilden park.

Danny at the same party, executing a perfect handstand.

Sara and Phillip at their wedding reception July 3, 1999.

Some not-so-recent-newlyweds, Adria and Alberto.

Some of my cohorts at my new job -- Patrick, Karen and Eva.

Eva's husband, Chris, with kittens.

Eva and Chris' son, Socrates, and me on their sofa.

Me and Elena; February '99

Rachel, Casey and Jonathan; Christmas '98

Me, Alina, Alyssa, Daniel, Glenn and Vicki; February '99

Anat and Sivanne; Summer '98

Katerina, Erik and Ann; Vienna, June '98

Rob Shakespeare, me and Alan Chalmers at the April '99 Cornell workshop featured on another page.

Me with Sumant Pattanaik and his family, touring a winery during the same workshop.

Katerina, me and Ann in front of an Ithaca, NY winery. I had a hard time maintaining composure on this one....

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