Kauai, March 2000



Tuesday, we rested from the strenuous day before. Laura went for a walk along a nearby beach while I went in search of the perfect swimming hole. (I found two.) In the evening, we dined and watched the sunset from the Princeville Hotel.

Laura's guidebook recommended this little swimming hole under a waterfall on cane grower's land near Lihue. This is the trail leading there.

The only way into the swimming hole was jumping or swinging, and the only way back out was climbing up the roots of this tree. I was practically forced to have a good time....

Some nice folks I met took my picture on my third swing. This time I hit the water (I think -- my memory is fuzzy).

Here are my friends demonstrating the proper technique for climbing up the roots of our host tree.

And here is Dan showing the proper technique for the rope jump.

The falls were gentle enough that one could swim under them for a most pleasant sensation. The water was cool but not cold.

Kauai had these amazing flower-shaped spiders.

After having such a good time at the first swimming hole, I went to take a look at Wailua Falls.

To get down to the pool, I took a muddy trail with ropes to hang onto along the way. Swimming under these falls is not advised, but I did go behind them and dive into the pool near the spray, which was exciting enough for me.

Here is some of the typical flora -- banana palms(?) and bougainvillea.

For dinner, Laura and I went to the Princeville Hotel on the northern shore, where we had a wonderful meal and watched the sunset. This is the lobby.

This is one of my favorite shots.

The dinner was fabulous.

The sunset was even better.


Wednesday, we traveled to the north shore to hike along the famous Kalalau Trail. It was beautiful, but quite muddy and difficult.


On our last full day, Laura kicked back at the hotel while I did a little kayaking up the Huleia River.

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