Point Reyes, October 1999

I went to an "art retreat" at Point Reyes, organized by a couple of the women I met on the Mount Lassen trip, Laura and Stacey. The retreat began Saturday afternoon on October 3rd, and we started by taking a hike towards the beach. On the way there, we saw a huge blackbird convention at the brackish swamp near the seashore. The birds made a sound like white noise because there were too many singers to make out the individual songs, and they flew together in great clouds, which swarmed in and out of the sky and one another in one of the most amazing displays I've ever seen.

One of the other women from the Lassen trip, Leslie, had a birthday celebration with no fewer than three cakes brought by her fellow retreaters. She is holding a stuffed pig ("Miss Piggy") who earlier gave psychic readings to those who actually wanted to know their futures.

Leslie's sister, Allison, baked a delicious carrot cake, which we all enjoyed.

There was much singing. Left to right, Joel, Laura, Dick, and Rachel, with Jonathan on guitar.

Jonathan giving Laura a much-appreciated backrub.

The next day after breakfast, we went for a hike down to the beach. Here Laura, Stacey, and James are walking along the trail.

Laura fulfilled her vision of bubbles at the beach.

Mike chronicled the whole retreat on digital video.

Further down the beach, we saw some amazing cliff formations.

A beautiful purple starfish washed up on the shore.

A huge jellyfish washed up, also.

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