15th EGSR 2005

The 15th Eurographics Symposium on Rendering was held at the end of June 2005 in Konstanz, Germany (near the Swiss border). I traveled with Alan and his Bristol crew via London Stansted, after visiting my friends John in Leicester and Katerina in Brighton.

P6285972 P6285972.JPG
We began the trip on a midnight bus from Bristol, with a few of us carrying colds in addition to our suitcases.

P6285973 P6285973.JPG
After transferring to a second bus at Heathrow airport, we finally arrived at Stansted for our outbound flight -- with just 4 hours to spare!

P6285976 P6285976.JPG
Glad to finally be boarding a plane, the lot of us set off for Konstanz, Germany.

P6285979 P6285979.JPG
Our destination airport was Friedrichshafen, which translates to "Fred's Shafen," I think.

P6285982 P6285982.JPG
We had about an hour to kill before the bus would take us on our final leg, so we got creative and decided to eat and drink.

IMG_1877 IMG_1877.JPG
The first (and smallest) of what would be many beers to come.
Photo by Mashhuda

P6285984 P6285984.JPG
Since no one part of the journey lasted more than a couple of hours, we were all pretty beat by the time we got there.

P6285985 P6285985.JPG

P6285990 P6285990.JPG
A fun and unexpected part of the bus ride was a short trip on the ferry across the northern finger of Lake Konstanz. (Our bus is the red one on the left.)

P6285999 P6285999.JPG
The fresh air was most welcome.

DSC_0017 DSC_0017.JPG
Everyone had their cameras out.
Photo by Richard

P6286000 P6286000.JPG
I'm not sure what Richard was shooting behind Mashhuda's back.

P6286004 P6286004.JPG
Our first look at the city of Konstanz.

P6286007 P6286007.JPG
We stayed at a German language immersion center called the Humbolt Institute, which was a lot like a high-class dormitory.

P6286016 P6286016.JPG
The dining/commons area was very nice, when we were allowed in it.

P6286023 P6286023.JPG
As soon as we had our rooms, Alan led us the way to the university. Notice how the grass is getting longer and the trees thicker in the direction he chose for us.

P6286027 P6286027.JPG
Here's Alan helping Veronica up a steep bank while Mashhuda holds onto him by his, uh, neck. Some of the students were not too happy with the route, and had worn the wrong flip-flops.

P6286029 P6286029.JPG
At least there were some nice flowers along the way.

P6286030 P6286030.JPG
And this old barn house (Farmbarnhousen).

P6286033 P6286033.JPG
The main building of the university was a bit unusual, defying German stereotypes.

P6286032 P6286032.JPG
This fountain was particularly nice, I thought.

P6286034 P6286034.JPG
The lecture hall where all the talks would be held.

KonstanzStairwell KonstanzStairwell.tif
A high dynamic range image of the stairwell. (Grossendynamicrangefotografen)

P6286048 P6286048.JPG
Kavita, the technical co-chair, speaking with Oliver, the co-host of the rendering symposium this year.

P6286031 P6286031.JPG
The early registration mob.

P6286046 P6286046.JPG
All badged, we took a well-earned break. It was good to see Erik, who was taking a summer sabbatical in Rennes, France at the time.

P6286047 P6286047.JPG

P6286050 P6286050.JPG
We went back the way we came, still unaware that a much shorter, more paved route was available.

P6286053 P6286053.JPG
Alan's Path
We later learned that ticks were a problem in the area.

P6286052 P6286052.JPG
A view of the old building near the Humbolt Institute.

P6286058 P6286058.JPG
The same building, seen from the bus stop on our way into town.

P6286059 P6286059.JPG
Climbing a bridge over the train station tracks, we arrived at an outdoor beer garden that would be our meeting spot for the remainder of the week.

P6286068 P6286068.JPG
Der Biergarten.

P6286069 P6286069.JPG
Die Biergartner.

P6286066 P6286066.JPG
There was also food, if you want to call it that. Und bier.

P6286070 P6286070.JPG
Too much of a good thing.

P6286072 P6286072.JPG
Too much.

P6286086 P6286086.JPG
The atmosphere there was quite nice, and it was warm as well.

P6286075 P6286075.JPG
I don't know what to say about this image, except that it summed up the evening pretty well.

P6296090 P6296090.JPG
The following morning, we found a much more reasonable path to the university, which took 15 minutes rather than half an hour. And no ticks!

P6296088 P6296088.JPG
Safety Bike
I imagine some safty-conscious cyclist owned this machine. It looked like it needed a stinger.

P6296091 P6296091.JPG
Back Way
The path we found was not without its unusual aspects, but it seemed fairly direct in the end, and avoided entering the main building, whose exits were extremely well-hidden as we had learned the day before. (Even when Rich took over navigation duties from Alan the first day, we still ended up going in circles. I did the same myself a few days later trying to exit the building following a demo.)

P6296092 P6296092.JPG
The back way also took us the nice fountain and this cascade.

P6296094 P6296094.JPG
One of the two lecture halls where the talks were held.

P6296095 P6296095.JPG
It was a bit too warm the first day, despite the air conditioning.

P6296096 P6296096.JPG
Someone told me the sign says "No smoking beyond this point." In a word, German is wordy.

P6296097 P6296097.JPG
The common area of the main building was attractive, if baffling.

IMG_1884 IMG_1884.JPG
Kadi & Alan chatting at the welcome reception.
Photo by Mashhuda

P6296099 P6296099.JPG
We had a nice view of Lake Konstanz and the northern part of the city from the cafeteria's balcony.

P6296103 P6296103.JPG
Oliver welcomes his guests.

P6296111 P6296111.JPG
Storm Front
Shortly after his welcome announcement, ominous clouds loomed overhead, portending a spot of rain in our immediate future.

P6296112 P6296112.JPG
It hit like a hurricane, pretty much.

IMG_1886 IMG_1886.JPG
Through a curtain of rain, we could see the sun shining on the soon-to-be-wet villiagers down below.
Photo by Mashhuda

P6296117 P6296117.JPG
The storm blew over, leaving patchy clouds and fresh air for our evening festivities. Julie & I had split from the rest of the group in order to change out of shorts in my case and trade flip-flops in Julie's case.

KonstanzShop KonstanzShop.tif
Here's an HDR shot I took of the old house at sunset.
Keywords hdr

KonstanzSunset3 KonstanzSunset3.tif
Sunset by the bridge into the old downtown area.
Keywords hdr

KonstanzSunset2 KonstanzSunset2.tif
More HDR sunsettage.
Keywords hdr

KonstanzStreet1 KonstanzStreet1.tif
One of the pedestrian streets in the downtown district. Julie and I got quite lost trying to find our mates, who were already on their third round of beers at that point.
Keywords hdr

IMG_1891 IMG_1891.JPG
Beer was delivered "by the meter" at the brewery they had chosen for dinner.
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1893 IMG_1893.JPG
It was a welcoming place, to be sure.
Photo by Mashhuda

P6296150 P6296150.JPG

P6296147 P6296147.JPG
Despite the beautiful surroundings, I was a bit put off by the idea of a heavy meal at 10 o'clock, so I just watched.

KonstanzBrewery KonstanzBrewery.tif
This is also in HDR. I want to see it on the new Sunnybrook display....
Keywords hdr

IMG_1897 IMG_1897.JPG
Alan makes fun of Abhi, who doesn't really need help.
Photo by Mashhuda

P6306164 P6306164.JPG
The following day, Fredo and his student Addy hand out copies of Wojciech's BRDF data, which had a requisite form from MERL's legal department.

IMG_1910 IMG_1910.JPG
That evening, we enjoyed a fabulous night of dining and entertainment at the famous Steigenberger Hotel.

IMG_1912 IMG_1912.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1906 IMG_1906.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1909 IMG_1909.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1917 IMG_1917.JPG
A view of the Konstanz marina.
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1914 IMG_1914.JPG
Longboats? In Germany?
Photo by Mashhuda

DSC_0030 DSC_0030.JPG
Champagne was featured, and often mixed with orange juice.
Photo by Richard

IMG_1905 IMG_1905.JPG
It had its effects.
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1907 IMG_1907.JPG
Ahhh, champagne on an empty stomach.
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1918 IMG_1918.JPG
The hotel was originally a monastery, and its interior walls were decorated with a mural history of the township.
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1919 IMG_1919.JPG
I missed the tour, but it covered the history of the area from its humble beginnings.
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1920 IMG_1920.JPG
The artistic detail was exquisite.
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1931 IMG_1931.JPG
Our dinner was accompanied by a jazz trio and later by a pair of comedic jugglers.
Photo by Mashhuda

P6306205 P6306205.JPG
This one was quite skilled with the free yo-yos.
Play movie

IMG_1939 IMG_1939.JPG
Humor was an important part of the act.
Photo by Mashhuda
Play movie

DSC_0034 DSC_0034.JPG
They also took at turn with juggling glowing, colored balls. The RGB color scheme worked quite well on this audience.
Photo by Richard

DSC_0037 DSC_0037.JPG
As per tradition, a group of us rendered our version of Monty Python's "Philosopher's Drinking Song." We got mixed reviews.
Photo by Richard

DSC_0035 DSC_0035.jpg
Kurt puts on his best face for the camera.
Photo by Richard

P6306213 P6306213.JPG
Discussing which brewery to go to next, since we were being kicked out and it wasn't even midnight, yet!

DSC_0042 DSC_0042.JPG
This beautiful effect is the result of taking a nighttime shot and putting the lens cap on without realizing the shuter is still open.
Photo by Richard

P6306214 P6306214.JPG
In search of more bier.

Eureka! Der biergarten!
Photo by Veronica

Veronica's "Self-portrait with Matt."
Photo by Veronica

P7016230 P7016230.JPG
The Last Lunch.

P7016232 P7016232.JPG
Walk to Soccer
A blurry image of a group of us setting out to play soccer.

In the end, there were more spectators than participants. (Unfortunately, we didn't get a go on the climbing wall shown in the background.)
Photo by Veronica

We had a rousing match of 6 on 5 players, and nearly everyone scored a point.
Photo by Veronica

Kurt played despite a prior injury.
Photo by Veronica

IMG_1949 IMG_1949.JPG
While we were kicking the ball around, another group went on a tour of the city.
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1951 IMG_1951.JPG
Mashhuda took these photos.
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1953 IMG_1953.JPG
Swan & signet
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1956 IMG_1956.JPG
A church, I reckon.
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1957 IMG_1957.JPG
Full o' filigree.
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1966 IMG_1966.JPG
The rabbit fish fountain. I don't know the story, if there is one.
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1967 IMG_1967.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1970 IMG_1970.JPG
Konstanz Harbor
Photo by Mashhuda

P7016234 P7016234.JPG
After soccer and city tour, we met up again at der Biergarten (again).

P7016235 P7016235.JPG
After a few German beers, Alan thought it would be fun to take a short walk over the Swiss border to try the beer on that side. No one was manning the immigration booth.

P7016236 P7016236.JPG
We snuck past the gate with no one in pursuit.

IMG_1971 IMG_1971.JPG
The bar Alan promised us was in fact closed, so instead we bought canned Swiss beer from a little stand at the side of the road.
Photo by Mashhuda

IMG_1973 IMG_1973.JPG
Everyone posing with their beer. (Note that my beer is in fact a chocolate bar -- I know what's good in Switzerland.)
Photo by Mashhuda

P7016241 P7016241.JPG
Next to the boarder, there was also a music festival going on. I'm not sure who was playing, and it would have cost 24 Euros to find out, so none of us did.

IMG_1976 IMG_1976.JPG
Mashhuda took this photo of the railway bridge at sunset.
Photo by Mashhuda

P7016243 P7016243.JPG
Back to the biergarten, and proper German beer.

As usual, I skipped out on the remainder of the evening, which went too late for me. This is one of the few images I've seen of Erik looking serious.
Photo by Veronica

Now, that's more like it!
Photo by Veronica

How about a punch to chase that beer?
Photo by Veronica

Matt & Erik
Photo by Veronica

Photo by Veronica

Cathy & Timo
Photo by Veronica

Photo by Veronica

P7026245 P7026245.JPG
The next day we traveled home without Alan, who had another trip on the heels of this one and headed in a different direction on another airline.

P7026248 P7026248.JPG
With Mashhuda leading the way, we managed to make all our connections.

IMG_1979 IMG_1979.JPG
Waiting for the bus.
Photo by Mashhuda

P7026249 P7026249.JPG
Some of us were still recovering from the final night's festivities.

P7026251 P7026251.JPG
Veronica managed to sleep nearly every moment we weren't in motion.

P7026253 P7026253.JPG
A skill much to be admired.

P7026255 P7026255.JPG
The trip had us taking a bus to a ferry to another bus to a train to our plane.

IMG_1983 IMG_1983.JPG
Sleep, move, sleep, move, sleep, move...
Photo by Mashhuda

P7026261 P7026261.JPG

P7026262 P7026262.JPG
Move, sleep.

P7026263 P7026263.JPG
I don't have a photo to prove it, but it's a safe bet Veronica got a nice nap on the flight back to Stansted, where I said my fond farewells to Mashhuda and the Bristol bunch.

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