12th EG Workshop on Rendering, June 2001

P6241715 P6241715.JPG
The morning of June 24th found me and a group of current and former Bristolians on the bus to London for the 12th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering being held at the University of Central London.

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Ki was quite exhausted from the all-night drinking, dancing, and carrying on following her birthday party the day before. I checked out of the festivities early and went to bed.

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Alan had bought a famous "Bag-in-Box" beer bomb, which seemed to be continuously growing on our trip out to London. He was afraid to open it. Very afraid. In the end, the sound it made was less of a "Bang" and more of a "Phfffft!"

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The first workshop registrant steps up to the desk. Celine (background) helped Mel and Yiorgos to organize everything, and was constantly running around checking arrangements.

P6241732 P6241732.JPG
The night before the start of the workshop found us at an excellent curry house just down the road from our hotel.

P6241733 P6241733.JPG

P6251752 P6251752.JPG
Waiting in line at the refectory the next morning at breakfast.

P6251754 P6251754.JPG
It was quite warm in the old lecture hall where the papers were given, and we moved the next day to an air-conditioned auditorium across the street since we were unable to get permission or a key to unlock the roof doors that would have allowed the old hall to vent.

P6251760 P6251760.JPG
Ki, Kate, Me, and Alan enjoying some unusually sunny London weather.

P6251761 P6251761.JPG
Alan with his Ph.D. students and former student, Ann McNamara, who now teaches at Trinity College in Dublin.

P6251768 P6251768.JPG
The 12th annual Eurographics Rendering Wonks, all sitting still and reflecting photons in real time.

P6251781 P6251781.JPG
The second night was an official workshop dinner, held at a nearby Chinese restaraunt that we all walked to in a mob. Somehow, they managed to accommodate all of us, with room to spare. The food was also plentiful, and quite delicious. We must have had four courses -- I lost count!

P6251782 P6251782.JPG
When Ed Catmull speaks, everybody listens.

P6251789 P6251789.JPG
Ze German Table.

P6251791 P6251791.JPG
Our table, looking like we've had enough. (And we had.)

P6261800 P6261800.JPG
Our new lecture hall.

P6261801 P6261801.JPG
Left to right: Hendrik Lensch, Annette Scheel, and Xavier Pueyo. Annette celebrated her birthday during the workshop, and Xavier has been to every rendering workshop so far. There's nothing special about Hendrik, really.

P6261802 P6261802.JPG
The next night was another organized dinner, this time in the Covent Gardens shopping district.

P6261804 P6261804.JPG
The area has a very nice indoor-outdoor sort of flavor.

P6261805 P6261805.JPG
The table at which I was sitting and we were waiting. The waiter was a bit overwhelmed by all of us, I think. It was very hot here in their "sun room," and they had 16 inch fans peppered liberally about the place trying to keep us all from dripping sweat on the nice tablecloths.

P6261806 P6261806.JPG
There were 4 or 5 long tables like this one.

P6261810 P6261810.JPG

P6261812 P6261812.JPG
Erik and Ann, friends again.

P6261818 P6261818.JPG
The London Eye. I heard that Queen Mother calls it, "The London Eyesore."

P6261823 P6261823.JPG
It's just like riding a bicycle!

P6261824 P6261824.JPG
Gosh, it's BIG!

P6261835 P6261835.JPG
You get on at the bottom. No surprise there, and the cars hold quite a few people in each, and turn around synchronously as the wheel makes its slow, punctuated revolution. (You get just one per ticket, which was 25 pounds or so as I recall.)

P6261837 P6261837.JPG
Westminster Abbey with Big Ben on the right. (Duh.)

P6261839 P6261839.JPG
What we did in the Eye was take a lot of pictures. Of ourselves, mostly.

P6261840 P6261840.JPG
The crew in my cab. I was the pilot.

P6261845 P6261845.JPG
It was the perfect time (dusk) and the perfect night (near the summer solstice) to be hanging out on the top of London.

P6261846 P6261846.JPG

P6261849 P6261849.JPG
I climbed out on the structure to get this picture of our cab from the outside. Or maybe it was the next one over -- I can't quite remember.

P6261851 P6261851.JPG

P6261861 P6261861.JPG
Blurry, but still beautiful.

P6261867 P6261867.JPG
Debevec makes the move on Kate. Kate politely ignores him.

P6261870 P6261870.JPG
Westminster Abbey
I really like this shot and the reflections on the water, which were very realistic in my opinion.

P6261871 P6261871.JPG
Others checking out my snapshots using Photophile (Version 0.01).

P6261873 P6261873.JPG
Image rotation was a manual process in this release....

P6271892 P6271892.JPG
The part of UCL on the other side of the street was very nice from the outside, but we never saw the inside of it.

P6271896 P6271896.JPG
Filing in for a buffet lunch at the refectory.

P6271897 P6271897.JPG
Most of us, eating.

P6271905 P6271905.JPG
Le Gallerie du Peanutte.

P6271907 P6271907.JPG
Back from the grocery store with more beer!

P6271908 P6271908.JPG
Trying to decide where to go out for dinner on the one night we had to arrange for ourselves. There was much confusion and disagreement, and even Alan couldn't manage to keep us together. We eventually headed in separate directions, and I went with Ki and Kate because I'm rather sheepish that way.

P6271913 P6271913.JPG
On the London Underground. Underground.

P6271922 P6271922.JPG
The Italian place we settled for was quite nice, and we said our farewells.

P6281935 P6281935.JPG
The next day (following the workshop), "the girls" and I went out to Trafalger Square for a little romp.

P6281938 P6281938.JPG
Some weather was brewing, and we were supposed to meet Alan in a bit to go to the museum there to check out some artwork Kate was studying.

P6281944 P6281944.JPG
I loved this particular clock tower, and took about a dozen photos of it from all angles.

P6281950 P6281950.JPG

P6281951 P6281951.JPG
A view of the familiar Trafalgar Monument from behind. (I think.)

P6281940 P6281940.JPG
This was an exquisite fountain, with an unfortunate background.

P6281943 P6281943.JPG
Ki bothering the birds.

P6281948 P6281948.JPG
The birds bothering Ki. (Not really.)

P6281946 P6281946.JPG
Anyone for my lunch?

P6281949 P6281949.JPG
The pidgeons there were really, really shy, but Ki is such a natural; they just trusted her, somehow.

P6281955 P6281955.JPG
Looking a bit bleary on our trip home.

P6281957 P6281957.JPG
Another bus shot. I don't know about you, but I can just never get enough of these.

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