13th EG Workshop on Rendering, June 2002

P6257090 P6257090.JPG
We met up at 6am at the Bristol CS department building to head for Stanstead airport (northeast of London) for our flight to Pisa.
Captured June 25 2002 6:02:32a

P6257095 P6257095.JPG
Due to insurance restrictions, Ki and Patrick weren't allowed to share the 3 hour drive to the airport.
Captured June 25 2002 7:01:55a

P6257098 P6257098.JPG
We had our second breakfast at Stanstead, as we were too early to even check in. (Thanks, Alan.)
Captured June 25 2002 10:13:49a

P6257100 P6257100.JPG
Bus Tickets
After a short 2 hour flight, we had to wait 40 minutes in the information line, which was apparently the only place to buy bus tickets to our hotel. We later discovered that we could have walked there in 15 minutes or so.
Captured June 25 2002 4:03:34p

P6257103 P6257103.JPG
Alan arranged an informal reception with beer and soft drinks for early registrants.
Captured June 25 2002 7:57:46p

P6257107 P6257107.JPG
Here we are happy in Italy even though we just missed the bus to the restaraunt. We didn't realize at this point that the next bus was going to take 45 minutes to pick us up. That's the aquaduct in the background.
Captured June 25 2002 8:28:00p

P6257110 P6257110.JPG
Here we are an hour and a half later, finally sitting down to dinner at 10pm. An early dinner in Italy, really.
Captured June 25 2002 9:53:18p

P6257111 P6257111.JPG
Alan and Erik at the far end of the table are "just good friends," so they claim.
Captured June 25 2002 10:32:48p

P6257112 P6257112.JPG
Pizza in Pisa
There was a lot of food. A lot of food. Too much food. We rolled home.
Captured June 25 2002 10:33:14p

P6267117 P6267117.JPG
This is the morning just before the workshop. Simon and Paul (the co-chairs, foreground) finally get to enjoy the fruits of their labors.
Captured June 26 2002 9:03:23a

P6267121 P6267121.JPG
Simon gives the welcome address before Hans-Peter's invited talk.
Captured June 26 2002 9:17:21a

P6267122 P6267122.JPG
The lunches were good and quite filling. I'm full just thinking about it.
Captured June 26 2002 2:23:17p

P6267123 P6267123.JPG
Patrick, Ki, Jon
The attentive audience.
Captured June 26 2002 5:04:21p

P6267124 P6267124.JPG
On the bus for our first social event. (The others were all antisocial.)
Captured June 26 2002 5:52:56p

P6267125 P6267125.JPG
We were given a tour of the Certosa Charter House, where sons were signed up for monkhood by their parents, then had to take a vow of silence and give up all possessions and even their name.
Captured June 26 2002 6:13:40p

IMG_1235 IMG_1235.JPG
Ann & Kate
We had a wait for out turn on the tour, so we walked half a kilometer to a little cafe for something to drink. This is one of several nice shots taken by Pete, which I included in my album.
Captured June 26 2002 6:29:35p

P6267128 P6267128.JPG
On the way back, we saw this old guy working with a gas-powered weed wacker in his front yard, and I had to get a picture.
Captured June 26 2002 6:41:21p

P6267129 P6267129.JPG
Here we are back at the monastery.
Captured June 26 2002 6:44:35p

P6267130 P6267130.JPG
Werner Purgathofer and others waiting for the tour.
Captured June 26 2002 6:45:54p

P6267134 P6267134.JPG
Left to right, Yiorgos, Celine, Laurent, and Marcello.
Captured June 26 2002 6:47:58p

P6267135 P6267135.JPG
I don't know what to say about this picture, but I had to include it.
Captured June 26 2002 6:48:26p

P6267136 P6267136.JPG
Certosa di Calci
Photography was strictly forbidden within the monastery grounds, but I got away with this illicit shot on the way out.
Captured June 26 2002 7:45:37p

IMG_1241 IMG_1241.JPG
I wasn't the only one to break the no-photos rule. Pete captured this nice close-up of the cornice.
Captured June 26 2002 6:56:10p

P6267138 P6267138.JPG
The restaraunt was around back of the monastery, and a bit of a hike, taking us by a pasture and some old houses.
Captured June 26 2002 7:51:06p

P6267139 P6267139.JPG
That's Kadi Bouatouch, right center.
Captured June 26 2002 7:53:55p

P6267141 P6267141.JPG
Everyone seems to be doing real-time rendering with their digital cameras this year.
Captured June 26 2002 7:59:09p

P6267143 P6267143.JPG
Alan, Joelle, & Eric
At the restaraunt. Alan doing his sexy dance. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look the other way.
Captured June 26 2002 8:02:16p

P6267144 P6267144.JPG
Christian, Pete, Alan, & Joelle
Christian Bouville organized the first workshop on rendering with Kadi Bouatouch in Rennes, 1990.
Captured June 26 2002 10:17:17p

IMG_1250 IMG_1250.JPG
Patrick, Ki & Me
Captured June 26 2002 10:18:34p

P6267145 P6267145.JPG
I took a bunch of table shots. Out of respect for those whose names I don't know, I won't offer the names of those I do. If you are among them, I assume you will recognize yourself.
Captured June 26 2002 10:23:35p

P6267151 P6267151.JPG
Captured June 26 2002 10:26:32p

P6267152 P6267152.JPG
Steve, David, & Ann
These guys are not related, I don't think...
Captured June 26 2002 10:30:03p

P6267158 P6267158.JPG
Another table shot. I took quite a few. I'm having mercy on you by only including the better ones.
Captured June 26 2002 10:33:59p

IMG_1254 IMG_1254.JPG
Patrick & Ki
The great thing about hanging out with the Bristol crowd is that, besides being very fun people, they all get along really well with each other.
Captured June 26 2002 10:49:16p

P6267161 P6267161.JPG
A Firefly
I spent some time chasing lighting bugs on the way back to the bus. I didn't even know what I was trying to catch, as I'd never seen one before, and I was just cupping my hands on the flying lights. This one wouldn't fly anymore after I caught it. I think it's because I tamed it. I wonder why its wing looks bent, though....
Captured June 26 2002 11:52:39p

P6277163 P6277163.JPG
I had a talk the next morning and hadn't slept the night before, so I left my compadres to drink with the night crowd while I headed for bed. Most of the young population of Pisa seems to hang out to drink and look cool on this one wall by the central bridge, and the Bristol crowd did the same.
Captured June 27 2002 12:24:09a

IMG_1267 IMG_1267.JPG
The Teapot's Shadow
One of the many nice touches the workshop organizers arranged was this shadow of the Utah teapot. I was so busy that I failed to even notice it, but Pete and Kate were paying better attention than I was.
Captured June 27 2002 10:55:35a

P6277170 P6277170.JPG
My camera didn't come out again until the next evening, as we headed out to the Big Event, a football match between the Europeans and the out-landers.
Captured June 27 2002 6:21:03p

P6277173 P6277173.JPG
The Aquaduct
Here's a nicer picture of the aquaduct through the bus window, which dates from Roman times. (The aquaduct, not the bus!)
Captured June 27 2002 6:29:11p

P6277176 P6277176.JPG
Fortunately for us, Erik was a European expatriot, so he was on our team. He played defense wearing a pair of giant boots, and those opponents who dared to cross him were sorry.
Captured June 27 2002 6:54:04p

P6277178 P6277178.JPG
Game On!
It was rather an exciting match, I thought, and the skill level was fairly high. Despite the heat, people were giving it their all.
Captured June 27 2002 7:09:14p

P6277179 P6277179.JPG
Getting ready to play. We had more than enough volunteers for two full teams, so we took turns with substitutions.
Captured June 27 2002 7:20:16p

P6277180 P6277180.JPG
Ki waited some time for the ball, but when she got it, she was amazing!
Captured June 27 2002 7:26:43p

P6277181 P6277181.JPG
Alan looking less tired than a lot of us. He'd been running mornings for the past month or two in preparation for the match, which was dubbed "The Teapot Cup" by the organizers.
Captured June 27 2002 7:28:46p

P6277183 P6277183.JPG
The Europeans
Here are the Europeans, the best non-winning team.
Captured June 27 2002 7:38:13p

P6277184 P6277184.JPG
The Rest of the World
The non-Europeans, best non-losing team. (2-0, yay!)
Captured June 27 2002 7:39:35p

P6277185 P6277185.JPG
My face was about the same color as my shirt.
Captured June 27 2002 8:13:11p

P6277186 P6277186.JPG
Paul & Maya
Captured June 27 2002 8:26:57p

IMG_1288 IMG_1288.JPG
Team Bristol
You'd never know they played on the non-winning team looking at this photo. (I just had to rub it in.)
Captured June 27 2002 8:43:03p

P6270004 P6270004.JPG
Reynald was nice enough to take pictures for me while I was occupied with winning the match.
Captured June 27 2002 8:48:28p

P6270005 P6270005.JPG
Laurent has the exact same camera as I have, and we shared pictures at the end of the day -- a few of these are his. Laurent was also quite a football player!
Captured June 27 2002 8:48:56p

IMG_1289 IMG_1289.JPG
There was a play structure near the pitch, which some of the smaller kids played on...
Captured June 27 2002 8:55:06p

P6270006 P6270006.JPG
La Villa Poschi
Dinner after the match was at a very fancy restaraunt, called the Villa Poschi. It was milli poschi.
Captured June 27 2002 9:12:05p

P6277187 P6277187.JPG
La Villa Poschi
Captured June 27 2002 9:09:25p

P6277190 P6277190.JPG
This is a nice, medieval church across from the restaraunt.
Captured June 27 2002 9:12:35p

P6277192 P6277192.JPG
Ann & Roberto
Ann talking with Roberto Scopigno, one of the workshop organizers. The workshop organization was superb.
Captured June 27 2002 9:23:24p

P6277198 P6277198.JPG
Who is the focus of this shot?
Captured June 27 2002 9:27:19p

P6277201 P6277201.JPG
The dinner was fab.
Captured June 27 2002 9:51:30p

P6277202 P6277202.JPG
Alan, the patron saint of beer, explains some subtle points of brew consuption to a novitiate.
Captured June 27 2002 10:02:10p

P6277203 P6277203.JPG
Me, Karin, Alan, & Francesco

Captured June 27 2002 10:03:12p

P6277210 P6277210.JPG
Philippe, Marco & Letizia

Captured June 27 2002 10:42:18p

P6277212 P6277212.JPG
Notice the cool caustics cast on everyone by the anisotropic specular plates.
Captured June 27 2002 10:42:44p

P6280011 P6280011.JPG
Captured June 28 2002 12:05:32a

P6287220 P6287220.JPG
The grand finale was a group of beer affecianados singing Monty Python's "The Philosopher's Drinking Song."
Captured June 28 2002 12:09:50a

P6280018 P6280018.JPG
Their rendition was every bit as good as it looks.
Captured June 28 2002 12:11:41a

P6287222 P6287222.JPG
Alan, Simon, & Erik
After dinner, some of us went out for drinks. It was late, and it got much later before we headed home.
Captured June 28 2002 1:24:44a

P6287224 P6287224.JPG
Erik, Ann, & Andrew
Captured June 28 2002 1:24:58a

P6287225 P6287225.JPG
Andrew, Jon, & Kate
Looking a little defocused. It must have been the hour...
Captured June 28 2002 1:25:04a

P6287245 P6287245.JPG
We took several pictures of the whole group, but we were so big and so indoors, that none of them really came out. This was the best of the bunch.
Captured June 28 2002 12:20:53p

P6287248 P6287248.JPG
Simon, Doug, & Paul
The program co-chairs (Simon and Paul) have a discussion over lunch with the second invited speaker, Doug Roble.
Captured June 28 2002 1:52:41p

P6287252 P6287252.JPG
Roberto, one of the two workshop organizers, gets up for a few closing remarks and acknowledgements.
Captured June 28 2002 4:39:32p

P6287253 P6287253.JPG
Alan Chalmers passed around two soccer balls that participants signed to honor and thank Roberto and Fabio for doing such a great job with the workshop.
Captured June 28 2002 4:40:02p

P6287254 P6287254.JPG
Roberto receives the pass from Paul.
Captured June 28 2002 4:40:12p

P6287261 P6287261.JPG
Alan Chalmers (who coordinated the ball signing) also made sure there were some nice flowers for Francesca, who handled all the registrations, paperwork, and reservations.
Captured June 28 2002 4:41:12p

P6287262 P6287262.JPG
Captured June 28 2002 4:41:30p

P6287263 P6287263.JPG
Francois Sillion also had an announcement, which unfortunately I can't remember after last night....
Captured June 28 2002 4:41:50p

P6287267 P6287267.JPG
Roberto & Fabio
Feeling some relief at the end of the workshop, the organizers contemplate their return to a normal life.
Captured June 28 2002 4:42:52p

P6287276 P6287276.JPG
The Organizers
Here's a group photo of all the students and academics involved in the workshop organization.
Captured June 28 2002 4:55:13p

P6287281 P6287281.JPG
Once it was declared officially over, quite a few researchers remained to swap ideas and contact information, and just chat.
Captured June 28 2002 5:02:32p

P6287283 P6287283.JPG
Francesco & Ki
These two used to share an office in Bristol, when Francesco was doing a term project there.
Captured June 28 2002 5:03:51p

P6287284 P6287284.JPG
Toasting the end of a great three days.
Captured June 28 2002 5:14:44p

LeaningTower LeaningTower.tif
Torre Pendente
That afternoon, a bunch of us walked over to the Tower of Pisa, and I took several high dynamic range photos. This is one of a few that turned out.
Captured June 28 2002 7:11:07p

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