England & Italy, June 2002

P6186783 P6186783.JPG
My friends, Adria and Alberto, gave me a ride to the airport, which turned out to be very convenient for everyone, since Adria's mother just happened to be coming in on a flight from Chicago at the same time I had to be there for my London departure!
Captured June 18 2002 1:44:14p

P6206789 P6206789.JPG
The resident geese at De Montfort University, where John works, had signets this year, and I was very excited to see them.
Captured June 20 2002 1:15:21p

P6206791 P6206791.JPG
Dad was rather protective of his little swanlings, and even lunged at me at one point when I got too close. Here's another waterfowl, who seemed to be deliberately provoking Dad just for jollies.
Captured June 20 2002 1:16:15p

Paddington Paddington.tif
Heading back through London, I transferred at Paddington Station to board a train to Bristol.
Captured June 21 2002 1:39:41p

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