Yosemite April 2001

P4211970 P4211970.JPG
It had snowed the weekend before, so we stopped along the way (several times) for a romp.

P4211971 P4211971.JPG
Alina tries to build a snowman in two inches of snow...

P4211972 P4211972.JPG
As the girls made perfect clear to Dad, they do NOT get to the snow very often!

P4211973 P4211973.JPG
Alina being a snowman, having given up on completing hers.

P4211975 P4211975.JPG
Tessala tasting the snow.

P4211976 P4211976.JPG
At last, some deep stuff!

P4211979 P4211979.JPG
Crystal Creek
The effect of the low clouds just at the mountain top was to make everything seem to disappear as it went up.

P4211980 P4211980.JPG
Crystal Creek
As you can see, you can't see (the top).

P4211990 P4211990.JPG
We stopped briefly on the way in for a picture or two. This is Bridal Veil Falls.

P4211992 P4211992.JPG
Yosemite falls was just visible through the mist.

P4211994 P4211994.JPG
The Melting of Winter
This is one of my all-time favorite shots.

P4211995 P4211995.JPG
These must have been built some time before we got there, but we took the credit by taking a photo.

P4211996 P4211996.JPG
We brought along the girls bikes, and I had my inline skates with me. The idea is that they would bike around the park, and I would roll behind them. The arrangement worked out even better than I thought it would.

P4222009 P4222009.JPG
Playing near our campground.

Merced1 Merced1.tif
This is a high dynamic-range shot of the Merced river.

P4222016 P4222016.JPG
It was a bit chilly first thing the next morning, but it warmed up quickly enough.

P4222017 P4222017.JPG
Biking to the Indian Caves.

P4222024 P4222024.JPG
Alina is a bit afraid of heights, but seems to love them, anyway. Look how far out Tessala goes -- just like her Dad. No sense at all!

P4222029 P4222029.JPG
On our way to Lower Yosemite Falls.

P4222053 P4222053.JPG
Alina makes a snow mouse.

P4222055 P4222055.JPG
Another park visitor took this photo for us, and stood further away than I would have....

P4222059 P4222059.JPG
Evaporation brought the temperature down around the falls enough that the snow remained on the ground for longer, and the girls were glad to see some more cold white stuff to play in.

P4222061 P4222061.JPG
I think this bench was a remnant from an earlier trail that had been developed but torn down to return the area to a more natural state. It was odd to see it there.

P4222072 P4222072.JPG
Half dome in a soft blanket of white.

P4222085 P4222085.JPG
In our campground, there were some small streams running nearby. I thought this one looked particularly nice.

P4222088 P4222088.JPG
Ah, the REAL reason to go camping -- toasting marshmallows for s'mores!

P4232096 P4232096.JPG
The next day, we packed a picnic and headed up to Vernal Falls. The girls were getting along particularly well this trip, and they tend to be good traveling companions.

P4232098 P4232098.JPG
A timed photo near Vernal Falls.

P4232103 P4232103.JPG
Vernal Falls
I just love waterfalls, and this is one of my favorites.

P4232104 P4232104.JPG
Another timed shot, taken by a cooperative rock.

P4232106 P4232106.JPG
Tessala loves rock-hopping, and we all spent some time with the water rushing all around us.

P4232115 P4232115.JPG
Tessala likes to pose, and I like to take pictures. We're very compatible that way.

P4232116 P4232116.JPG
A favorite spot of the girls'.

P4232118 P4232118.JPG
The Devil Squirrel
We believe this squirrel was sent to spy on us by a powerful group of trees on the other side of the river.

P4232128 P4232128.JPG
We were also being followed by this deer, which pretended to graze when we spotted it.

P4232129 P4232129.JPG

P4232133 P4232133.JPG
The campsites in Yosemite aren't really all that nice. They're a bit overused, and not much grows there, but it's better to save the nicer places for hiking, anyway.

P4242135 P4242135.JPG
North Dome and the Great Arch. Arches are caused by water melting and freezing over hundreds of years, which eventually causes huge slabs of granite to come crashing down to the valley floor. Underneath this arch is an enormous pile of rubble from eons of this kind of erosion, and particularly unlucky visitors have been struck and even killed by rock falls.

P4242136 P4242136.JPG
On our final day, we paid a last visit to Yosemite Falls.

P4242144 P4242144.JPG
On a whim, we decided to climb up a crag in the rock face to the right of the falls.

P4242145 P4242145.JPG
It was steep but doable, and felt safe because we had this big crack to work with. (Watch out for falling rocks, and remember your lucky toy tiger!)

P4242146 P4242146.JPG
This is where we stopped and had a bite for lunch.

P4242147 P4242147.JPG
Besides lunch, we were also rewarded with this spectacular view of the valley.

P4242151 P4242151.JPG
Climbing back down. Alina was so funny, because she was kind of afraid, but she loved climbing all the same.

P4242158 P4242158.JPG
Alina was really into some book she was reading, and kept asking if we could stop awhile so she could read some more. I was also reading "Harry Potter" to the girls on this trip, as I recall, and I was into it as much as they were!

P4242162 P4242162.JPG
This was quite something. A waterfall that was so thin that it was jut blowing off the rock in a mist. Almost nothing of it managed to trickle down at the base -- it just sort of evaporated in the wind.

P4242165 P4242165.JPG
Cathedral Peaks

P4242171 P4242171.JPG
Bridal Veil Falls over the Merced River.

P4242180 P4242180.JPG
El Capitan
That's one hunk of rock! Some of the most amazing sights in Yosemite are only visible from the road going in and out of the valley, and the girls and I weren't brave enough to take it on our bikes and inline skates, so we had to stop the car instead to take some pictures on the way out. (DAD!! Not AGAIN!!)

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