My family all got together for Christmas last year (2004) in Fair Oaks, CA. Top row, left to right: Rory, Jean, Ilke, Tedd & Sandy, April, Tessala, Greg. Bottom row: Rod, Courtney, Haley, and Alina. (Click on picture for full-resolution version.)

Grand Canyon, April 2006 (more...)

Hawaii (Big Island), November '05 (more...)

Tuolumne Meadows, August '05 (more...)

Yosemite, May '02 (more...)

Yosemite, April '01 (more...)

Family Reunion, October'00 (more...)

Tuolumne and Yosemite, July '00 (more...)

The girls and I went with my cousin's girls, Camelia and Claudet, for 5 days over the Fourth of July holiday to Tuolumne Meadows, spending the last night (the 4th) in the Yosemite Valley.

Tedd and Sandy's, June '00 (more...)

Wherein the girls and I go north to visit my brother and his wife in Crescent City, CA.

Santa Cruz, June '00 (more...)

A little family outing to the famous beach-boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA.

My cousin's place in Stockton April '00 (more...)

Tessala and Alina on my apartment balcony, June 2000.

Alina with a dragon she painted in her fourth grade class.

Samuel P. Taylor August '99 (more...)

Stinson Beach August '99 (more...)

July '99 (more...)

This is the girls with my mom on my parents' boat. I'm standing very close to the galley, where I'm guessing dinner must have been cooking on the stove....

Tessala hanging from the play structure before school; April '99.

Alina and Tessala on their walk to school from my apartment; April '99.

Rodeo Beach, February 1999 (more...)

Christmas break '98 (more...)

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