Ward/Sorgel Family Reunion, Oct. 2000

My second cousins, Phyllis and Bob Soergel and their daughter, Sandy, put together a family reunion on Oct. 30th at a park in Saratoga. Everyone in the Montfort, Soergel, Ward and Cardell families were invited. Not everyone could make it of course, but we had a good showing from the California residents at least, and most of my cousins were there, many of whom I hadn't seen in 15 years or more.

One of the activities provided was pumpkin-carving, and the girls went straight to work. We also got these fishing hats that say, "I Survived 2000 Our Family Reunion" and "In Memory of Ron." I'm wearing mine as I write this, to keep in the proper spirit.

Tomy carves while Tessa looks on, and Alina cuts up while Camilia watches.

Claudet demonstrates some Razor action.

The Wards, partially assembled. Adult's row, left to right: Sandy, Brian, Me, Stuart, Louisa, Nairn and Delle (note the new spelling), Jean and Rod. Kid's row: Todd and Bryce, Tessala and Alina. (Click on image for enlarged version.)

Partial Cardell group. Adults, left to right: Julia, Ramiro, Suzy, Ramin, and Cathy. Kids: Tomy, Andrea, Camilia, and Claudet. (Click on image for enlarged version.)

The Montforts, left to right: Stephen, Cindy, Hathalie, Jonothan(?), Chris, Scott, and Riggs. (Click on image for enlarged version.)

Hathalie has gone to quite a bit of trouble to track everyone on a family tree, which she had out for display at the reunion.

The event was marred by an accident. Phyllis, our hostess, tripped on some uneven pavement on her way to throw something away, and fell badly on her left arm, breaking it in several places. The pain was so great that she went into shock shortly after.

The paramedics were called and arrived in a short time with much-needed assistance.

Since they missed her birthday, Camilia and Claudet brought a belated gift for Alina.

It was also very close to cousin Cathy's birthday, so I brought her a little hat and party favor to celebrate.

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