Yosemite May 2002

P5046417 P5046417.JPG
Vista Point
On the way down into the Yosemite Valley

P5046422 P5046422.JPG
Three Brothers
That's Rory on the left, me in the middle, and Tedd on the right.

P5046429 P5046429.JPG
Half Dome
A nice view of Half Dome about half an hour before sunset.

P5056442 P5056442.JPG
North Dome

P5046423 P5046423.JPG
We parked in the Curry Village lot and I went to figure out about our first night accommodations. We had a campsite reserved for Sunday night, but almost had to leave the valley on Saturday if we hadn't gotten the last village tent available.

P5046435 P5046435.JPG
Alina calls dibs on one of the four identical beds in the Curry cabin we got.

P5056446 P5056446.JPG
Taking a Drink

P5056450 P5056450.JPG
We climbed up the mountainside to get a novel view of the falls.

P5056460 P5056460.JPG
I love that little finger-like peak, though I never can remember what it's called.

P5056463 P5056463.JPG
The girls spent quite some time hopping around the stones in the river and generally having themselves a great time.

P5056461 P5056461.JPG
Windswept by Falls

Yosemite2 Yosemite2.tif
This is a high dynamic-range shot I took to show the intense interplay between light and shadow.

P5056489 P5056489.JPG
Secret Passage
Tessala squeezed through a hole in the Indian Caves just big enough for one at a time.

P5056490 P5056490.JPG
Secret Passage
Alina squeezes through, also.

P5066491 P5066491.JPG
Our Campsite

P5066497 P5066497.JPG
Another nice view of Yosemite Falls.

P5066498 P5066498.JPG
Taken by tourist
Another tourist took this shot of us.

P5066503 P5066503.JPG
This is what I saw most of the time, as I followed behind the girls in my inline skates.

P5066507 P5066507.JPG
The view when I got ahead.

P5066504 P5066504.JPG
Much-needed Rest

P5066508 P5066508.JPG
Hiking at last!
It took quite a bit of convincing (bribery, really) for Alina and I to get Tessala to come on a hike with us to Vernal Falls. Alina found this really light, strong hiking stick for her sister, and I offered to give her a shoulder ride in two places of her choosing. After she agreed, she led the whole way, hardly looking back!

P5066510 P5066510.JPG
Vernal Falls
Vernal Falls at last!

P5066511 P5066511.JPG
Taking it in.

P5066513 P5066513.JPG
Spot the Tessa
The girls and I spent an hour or two climbing on rocks and playing hide-and-seek with walkie-talkies. This was probably the best (and most memorable) part of the trip.

P5066537 P5066537.JPG
Bridal Veil
A view of Bridal Veil Falls on our way out of the park and home on the third day (Monday).

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