Upper Cathedral Lake, Tuolumne, August 2000

Day 0: Friday, August 25th

Day 1: Saturday, August 26th

Day 2: Sunday, August 27th

Day 3: Monday, August 28th

Packed up and ready to head back the last morning. At this point, Dave was feeling quite nauseated, and had run a fever all night.

Besides feeling none too well herself, Rona's shoulder injury acted up on the homeward journey, so Peter and I took part of her load. We were all very relieved to be back at the car.

We were glad to reunite with Laura, and find out she was OK. With both Rona and Dave having symptoms, it seemed clear that it was a virus and not altitude sickness or dehydration as a ranger with more confidence than training had diagnosed.

On the way out, we stopped at PJ's Cafe in Groveland. I came down with the same flu that night, and am writing this on my second (and hopefully last) day of recovery. Next time, we'll leave the virus at home....

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