Upper Cathedral Lake, Tuolumne, August 2000

Laura and I had such a good time on the Cal Adventures Lassen trip last Labor Day, we decided to do another, planning it ourselves this time. We each asked several of our friends, and the roster changed many times before the actual event. In the end, there were five of us: Laura and I, Rona, who was on the original Lassen trip, Peter, and Dave. Our destination was the Cathedral Lakes near Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park.

Day 0: Friday, August 25th

We met at noon on Friday at Rona's place in Walnut Creek, since it was sort of on the way and easy for all of us to get to.

Rona provided the vehicle, a Toyota 4Runner that was just big enough to fit all of us with our equipment. Left to right, here we are: Greg, Rona, Laura, Dave, and Peter.

After getting a little lost in Livermore, we found a nice little Chinese restaraunt for our last civilized meal for a few days....

Laura navigated while Peter drove. Being the two tallest, they got to ride up front.

We stopped at this stand along the way to pick up some fresh fruit.

The road to Tuolumne afforded some spectacular views of glacial sculpture, including this look at Half Dome from the north.

A friendly fellow tourist took this shot of the group overlooking Tenaya Lake (left). The peak directy behind us marks our destination, with Cathedral Lakes on the other side.

Here is the sunset that greeted our arrival at Tuolumne Meadows, where we spent the first night. We got very lucky with the weather on this trip. The prediction was for thundershowers, but all we had was a light predawn sprinkle the first day. The rest was beautiful and clear.

Day 1: Saturday, August 26th

Day 2: Sunday, August 27th

Day 3: Monday, August 28th

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