Lassen National Park, Labor Day Weekend, September 1999

Day 0: September 3

Day 1: September 4

The next morning, we gathered for a quick breakfast before making towards our trailhead inside the park.

Once we got to the trailhead, we had to repack our backpacks for the trip.

Here are Rona and Danny, all ready to go.

But first, John and Sonja had to give us a little lesson in how to read a topo map using a compass.

Here is our group, collected just before our journey. Top row, left to right: Laura, Peter, Isolde, Rona, Donna, Greg, and Leslie. Bottom row, left to right: Adrian, Stacy, John, (our other guide, Sonja, was taking the photo) and Danny.

Much of the trail looked a lot like this....

Here I am with Laura in front of one of Lassen's many lakes.

Here are Isolde, Rona, and Danny, eating lunch on the first day.

Here is Danny hiking down the trail, followed by Laura and Isolde.

Setting up our tents at Rainbow Lake.

Enjoying our first camp dinner.

Day 2: September 5

Day 3: September 6

Reunion: November 6

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