Lassen National Park, Labor Day Weekend, September 1999

Day 0: September 3

Day 1: September 4

Day 2: September 5

Day 3: September 6

Reunion: November 6

We had a little reunion party at Rona's house a couple of months after the trip. Unfortunately, there were a few last-minute cancellations, but we had 7 of the original 12 who went on the trip, plus Rona's husband, Mark, and their friend/employee, Gregg. We were lucky to have both John and Sonja, who brought slides and pictures, and John even put together a hilarious album, complete with captions he quoted completely out of context!

This is Rona's husband, Mark, who makes frequent trips to Bali and Indonesia to collect carvings and the like for their import business and is a wealth of historical information.

Here, Mark is showing Donna a few of the artifacts he collected on various trips.

In fact, Rona and Mark's house resembles a museum in its display of beautiful and (some) ancient artifacts.

Peter, looking quite debonair.

Isolde and Rona chatting in the kitchen while making final preparations.

John amusing us with some anecdote, which I can't quite remember.

Sitting down to dinner at last. Left to right is half of Rona, back of Isolde, Greg, John, Sonja, and Donna. Everyone brought something, and it was all delicious.

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