16th EGSR 2006

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Here is the group I was traveling with. Left to right: Timo, Luis-Paolo, Erik, Alan, & Mashhuda.

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This was taken early in the morning on the first day of the symposium, and it was probably pushing 80 degrees out and 90% humidity.

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Registration the following morning.

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Nora (left) coordinated everything, and did a fantastic job.

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Dinner with Dominique, Helge, Celine, Mashhuda, and Franco.

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The next evening, we were treated to a guided tour of the old part of Nicosia.

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The Cobbler

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Some of the old houses were very nice, but a bit delapidated. Newer homes looked delapidated, too.

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A church, I'm guessing. (I sure wasn't listening.)

P6271506 P6271506.JPG

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Helge wasn't fond of the heat.

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This was a restored something-or-other and won some award. I heard that much.

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Mosque Minaret
This minaret tower was tacked onto a Greek Catholic church, and blared prayers at us for about 10 minutes at sunset.

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NicosiaAlley NicosiaAlley.jpg

NicosiaBellTower NicosiaBellTower.jpg

NicosiaGarage NicosiaGarage.jpg
This was a challenging HDR to take, and I lost my group taking it. Luckily, I guessed correctly which street they went and caught up with them where we had our dinner.

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Our table was luckily chosen to hit the buffet line first.

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The fortunate ones.

P6271567 P6271567.JPG
The less fortunate ones.

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Alan was organizing the usual rendition of Monty Python's "Philosopher's Drinking Song." I think he was looking for someone who knew the words, and eventually found Szimon, and copied them onto a napkin. Mashhuda then copied them to something more legible.

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The lucky table also got treated to a special cake, baked for someone who had a birthday but hadn't made it. Helge won with the closest date (June 23rd if I remember right).

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At the close of the symposium, Alan awarded the organizers with signed football jersies. Here is Yorgios getting his.

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And Danny getting his (sorry about the focus).

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