England & Cyprus 2006 (part 1)

On this trip, I spent about a week and a half in Manchester, traveling to Leicestershire on the weekend, then to Bristol afterwards. From there, I flew to Cyprus for the EG Symposium on Rendering, then back to London for a day. The EGSR page is linked here.

ManchesterStation ManchesterStation.jpg
My first stop was Manchester, where I spent about a week on a new research project with the university there.

P6130818 P6130818.JPG
Nick and Mashhuda
Mashhuda is the main person I'm working with, and she and her husband Nick put me up (put up with me) in their home during my stay.

P6140837 P6140837.JPG
Doing a little shopping for a home-cooked Indian meal.

P6150851 P6150851.JPG
Mashhuda's house backs up onto a lovely wood, and we took the scenic route to work this morning.

ManchUcourtyard ManchUcourtyard.tif
An HDR photo of the old part of the university.

ManchCSbldg ManchCSbldg.jpg
Here is the computer science building where we were actually working, or at least pretending to.

P6170892 P6170892.JPG
On the weekend, we drove to Leicester, where Mashhuda and Nick visited her parents while I visited my friend John and his family.

P6170895 P6170895.JPG
John lives in the little village of Frisby on the Wreake. The Wreake is a kind of creek the other side of the tracks from his house.

FrisbyLake2 FrisbyLake2.jpg
Here is a panorama I took of Frisby Lake.

P6180997 P6180997.JPG
The next morning, John took me for a nice walk to the neighboring villages of Leicestershire along the Wreake.

P6180998 P6180998.JPG
There were a fair few gates such as this separating the pastures.

P6181010 P6181010.JPG
Hoby Church
Each village had its own little church, which made it easy to locate from a distance.

P6181013 P6181013.JPG
Here is the view of the Hoby church on the path to Rotherby.

P6181017 P6181017.JPG
Rotherby's church pointing the way.

P6181029 P6181029.JPG
Rotherby Church
And here it is.

P6211050 P6211050.JPG
Back in Manchester, we spent a good part of the day photographing various buildings for our inverse lighting project.

P6211051 P6211051.JPG
Mashhuda is actually a bit frustrated in this photo, trying to get her USB port to recognize my memory stick.

P6211077 P6211077.JPG
We had a nice dinner the last night with some of Mashhuda's friends.
Left to right: Alison, Jon, Mashhuda, James, Allen, Nick, John

P6211079 P6211079.JPG

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