England & Cyprus 2006 (part 4)

The day after the Agia Napa seminar was over, Mashhuda organized an outing with 13 of us in a minibus into the Turk-occupied part of Cyprus to see some of the old sights.

IMG_0350 IMG_0350.JPG
This is a cathedral that was converted into a Mosque.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0354 IMG_0354.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0351 IMG_0351.JPG
Lookin' like a tourist.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

P7021886 P7021886.JPG
Our hostess with the mostess.

P7021889 P7021889.JPG

IMG_0356 IMG_0356.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

TurkCyprusChurch3 TurkCyprusChurch3.jpg

P7021927 P7021927.JPG

TurkCyprusChurch4 TurkCyprusChurch4.jpg

P7021905 P7021905.JPG

P7021907 P7021907.JPG
The yellow hat and red dress made it easy to find our hostess wherever she went.

IMG_0361 IMG_0361.JPG
Helge & Dominique
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

TurkCyprusDungeon TurkCyprusDungeon.jpg

IMG_0368 IMG_0368.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0366 IMG_0366.JPG
A stone cannon.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0367 IMG_0367.JPG
Spare ammo.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0370 IMG_0370.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

P7021944 P7021944.JPG
We had lunch at a nice little place that Alla spotted.

P7021949 P7021949.JPG
Afterwards, we went for a coffee and some Turkish delight.

TurkishDisplay TurkishDisplay.jpg
Shiny objects for sale.

TurkishCafe1 TurkishCafe1.jpg
An HDR shot of the interior.

P7021982 P7021982.JPG
My first Turkish coffee.

P7021985 P7021985.JPG
I loved it, and afterwards, Celine was showing us how to read our fortune -- not sure if this is mine or Mashhuda's, but that's OK since none of us knew any of the symbology.

P7021976 P7021976.JPG
Mashhuda, Dominique & Helge

P7021974 P7021974.JPG
Luis-Paolo and Erik, with a blurry Alla. That's our driver in the background, who Dominique thought resembled Marcello Mastroianni.

P7021971 P7021971.JPG
Jan and his girlfriend Heidi.

TurkCyprusMonastery4 TurkCyprusMonastery4.jpg
After coffee, the driver took us to an historical monastery.

TurkCyprusMonastery5 TurkCyprusMonastery5.jpg
It was so fine inside, I guess the Turks decided not to turn it into a mosque (yet).

IMG_0383 IMG_0383.JPG
Orthodox art.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0382 IMG_0382.JPG
Photographing photographers.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0389 IMG_0389.JPG
Looks like I was taking a picture of a tree...
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

TurkCyprusMonastery6 TurkCyprusMonastery6.jpg
This is actually what I was photographing.

TurkCyprusMonastery8 TurkCyprusMonastery8.jpg

P7022048 P7022048.JPG

P7022052 P7022052.JPG

IMG_0390 IMG_0390.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0391 IMG_0391.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0395 IMG_0395.JPG
Heidi & Jan
Mashhuda took this gorgeous shot of Heidi & Jan.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0398 IMG_0398.JPG
And this kitty. Most of the cats we saw were underfed and skittish.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

P7022049 P7022049.JPG
Many ancient potteries and artifacts were on display from the 3rd century A.D.

P7022050 P7022050.JPG
I didn't even know they made glass back then....

IMG_0402 IMG_0402.JPG
Next, we went to another national heritage site -- this was an ancient Roman bath that must have been quite fabulous in its time.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0400 IMG_0400.JPG
Timo, Hercules wanna-be.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

P7022054 P7022054.JPG

P7022068 P7022068.JPG
It's all Greek to me.

IMG_0403 IMG_0403.JPG
There was also an ampitheater, which was still in pretty good shape.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

CypriotRomanBath CypriotRomanBath.jpg
Here is a 360-degree panorama of the site.

IMG_0409 IMG_0409.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

P7022097 P7022097.JPG
Timo shot this one, I think.

IMG_0414 IMG_0414.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0418 IMG_0418.JPG
The foundations were cool.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

BathRuins4 BathRuins4.jpg

P7022125 P7022125.JPG

P7022127 P7022127.JPG
There were a few surviving mosaics, but not many.

IMG_0423 IMG_0423.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0425 IMG_0425.JPG
I took a similar shot, but Mashhuda's was better.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0430 IMG_0430.JPG
After the ruins, we went to cool off at a nearby fisherman's village on our driver's recommendation.

P7022150 P7022150.JPG
Most of the boats looked like they'd seen better centuries.

IMG_0428 IMG_0428.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0429 IMG_0429.JPG
Erik was taking HDR sequences with his fancy-schmancy digital SLR.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

TurkCyprusBeach TurkCyprusBeach.jpg
I just have my little point-and-shoot, but at least it's lightweight.

IMG_0439 IMG_0439.JPG
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0446 IMG_0446.JPG
Here we are having dinner in Larnaca before hopping our red-eye back to England.

ArupOfficeAtrium ArupOfficeAtrium.jpg
On the way back from the EG symposium on rendering, I stayed with my friend Francesco and his family in London. He works with Radiance at ARUP in London, where this photo was taken of their atrium.

P7032200 P7032200.JPG
Francesco with Maia and Angela.

P7032170 P7032170.JPG
Maia pointing at the funny tourist.

I don't really look like that, do I?
Photo by Francesco Anselmo

RegentsPark3 RegentsPark3.tif
Another HDR opportunity.

Taking Maia out for a spin.
Photo by Francesco Anselmo

Photo by Francesco Anselmo

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