England & Cyprus 2006 (part 3)

Following EGSR06, we took a bus to Agia Napa on the southeast coast of Cyprus, where we spent an additional three days enjoying invited speakers on various graphics rendering and modeling topics.

AgiaNapaRoom AgiaNapaRoom.jpg
After the EG Symposium on Rendering in Nicosia, we took a bus to Agia Napa on the southeast coast of Cyprus for a follo-on seminar with invited speakers. Here is my hotel room.

AgiaNapaPano AgiaNapaPano.jpg
And here is the view from my hotel room.

AgiaNapaSeminar AgiaNapaSeminar.jpg
An HDR image taken during my talk.

P6291644 P6291644.JPG
Coffee break in the garden.

P6281611 P6281611.JPG
Helge and Dominique were there for both symposia, and it was the first conference Helge had ever been to where he didn't need to give a presentation.

P6281615 P6281615.JPG
Pool afterwards.

P6291645 P6291645.JPG
Erik frolicking at the beach the next day.

P6291647 P6291647.JPG
The seminar talks were held at the sister hotel up the beach, and we took every opportunity to dip our toes.

P6291643 P6291643.JPG
Lunches always ended up running over thanks to the relaxed atmosphere (and service).

P6291653 P6291653.JPG
Most evenings were filled with planned activities. This evening, we were treated to a Cypriot cultural museum.

P6291661 P6291661.JPG
A recreation of a traditional Greek sailing ship.

P6291668 P6291668.JPG
Mashhuda and Erik goofing around on the recovered ruins on which the recreation was based.

NightKnight NightKnight.jpg
An HDR photo of some armor outside a gift shop.

P6291687 P6291687.JPG
There were many of these buggies driving around town, which you could rent at a reasonable price. They would not even have been street legal in most countries.

GraveAmusement GraveAmusement.jpg
A cemetary with amusement park in the background.

P6301702 P6301702.JPG
A lunch meeting with Helge, Alan, and Mashhuda to discuss an HDR display project at Manchester Univ.

P6301713 P6301713.JPG
Mashhuda & Erik watching the world cup at a sports bar.

P7011719 P7011719.JPG
Another lunch, another two hours, and another missed talk.

P7011722 P7011722.JPG
Mashhuda imitating a Greek goddess.

P7011723 P7011723.JPG
Erik imitating a Greek statue.

P7011724 P7011724.JPG
The World Cup game England lost to Portugal.

P7011725 P7011725.JPG
Headed out to join the others.

P7011726 P7011726.JPG
The nicer pool at the official hotel.

P7011728 P7011728.JPG
Watching the game out in the hotel gazebo.

P7021806 P7021806.JPG
The next morning, we got up early with our cameras to take some photos of the rugged shore east of our hotel.

IMG_0333 IMG_0333.JPG
Me with my camera, taken by Mashhuda with hers.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0334 IMG_0334.JPG
No question that Mashhuda takes better pictures, in front of the lens or behind it.

ArchRock3 ArchRock3.jpg
That's Timo with his camera and tripod on the ridge on the right.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

Siren+Rocks4 Siren+Rocks4.jpg
Siren on the Rocks
I swam back into one of these caves -- not this one, but a smaller one near our hotel. That was an experience.

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