England & Cyprus 2006 (part 2)

From Manchester, we took a train down to Bristol to meet with Alan and company to discuss the Mother of All Renderers.

BristolExploreBall BristolExploreBall.jpg
We took the train to Bristol the end of the week for a meeting with Alan and his group. We stayed at an Ibis hotel across from the new "Explore" science center, which boasts the world's largest light probe.

IbisBathCell IbisBathCell.jpg
I'd never stayed in an Ibis room before, and was impressed by the "bathroom module" design.

IbisRoom IbisRoom.jpg
The whole room seemed designed by a feng shui artist.

WildwalkBristol WildwalkBristol.jpg
Next to the Explore center is an indoor botanical garden. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to visit this, either -- I'm not even sure they were quite open, yet.

P6221137 P6221137.JPG
We met Alan for dinner that evening.

P6231144 P6231144.JPG
The following day, Tony Blair was visiting the university for his son's graduation(?) or some such. We didn't see him, but we saw many policeman looking out for him.

P6231151 P6231151.JPG
Lunch with Timo and Mashhuda.

P6231152 P6231152.JPG
And Gavin, Rich, and Veronica.

P6231153 P6231153.JPG
And Francesco and Roger.

P6231163 P6231163.JPG
Dinner at an Afghan restaurant with the whole group.

P6231165 P6231165.JPG
Alan, Francesco, Timo, Mashhuda & Marina after dinner.

P6241166 P6241166.JPG
Donuts at the break in our meeting on the future of rendering at Bristol Univ.

P6241167 P6241167.JPG
Maya was the guest of honor (or was it duty -- Rhona couldn't look after her that day).

P6241168 P6241168.JPG
The Mother of All Renderers (MOAR) meeting.

P6241169 P6241169.JPG
Mashhuda and I were there with Alan and his students.

P6241170 P6241170.JPG
The two fellows on the left (Adolfo & Juan) were representing Zaragoza University in Spain.

P6241171 P6241171.JPG
Alan, the hopeful father of all renderers.

BristolDock BristolDock.jpg
The least expensive way to live on the waterfront is to buy a houseboat and a spot on the dock.

P6241177 P6241177.JPG
Dream job.

BristolCathB3 BristolCathB3.jpg
This is one of the other cathedrals in Bristol.

P6241239 P6241239.JPG
Lavender lovely.

P6241246 P6241246.JPG
Mashhuda took this one with my camera -- she works it better than I do.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

CollegeGreen CollegeGreen.jpg
The park between our hotel and the Bristol campus, which we frequented, er, frequently.

IMG_0228 IMG_0228.JPG
Don't I look macho with all my fancy equipment? I think so.
Photo by Mashhuda Glencross

IMG_0231 IMG_0231.JPG
Better subject, worse photographer.

P6251263 P6251263.JPG
Mashhuda took pictures of some challenging buildings for geometric recovery.

IMG_0293 IMG_0293.JPG
On the path leading up to Cabot Tower.

CabotTower2 CabotTower2.tif
An HDR image of the tower with the little stream leading through the gardens.

P6251334 P6251334.JPG
Climbing the tower stairs.

BristolPano2 BristolPano2.jpg
A 360-degree HDR panorama of Bristol.

P6251331 P6251331.JPG
Mashhuda didn't feel like climbing up for some reason.

IMG_0296 IMG_0296.JPG
A nice scene, but the photographer was having trouble holding steady...

CabotGarden2 CabotGarden2.tif
The stream was quite nice, I thought. This is best seen on an HDR display.

CabotGarden3 CabotGarden3.jpg
Another view of the gardens.

BristolCath9 BristolCath9.jpg
From inside Bristol's main cathedral.

BristolCath10 BristolCath10.tif
I especially like this view -- also HDR.

BristolCath11 BristolCath11.jpg
I didn't quite capture the full range on this one.

BristolCathEagle BristolCathEagle.tif
One of the fancier podiums I've seen.

BristolCath12 BristolCath12.jpg
An HDR exterior of the cathedral.

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