Backroads biking trip from Banff to Jasper

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
July 2001

Day 0: Sunday, July 15

Day 1: Monday, July 16

Our first day together, we got to meet everyone and get saddled up for a relatively short ride to Baker Creek, stopping at Johnston Canyon along the way for lunch and a short hike. The basic route was about 30 miles, but a few folks took the longer route up to Lake Minnewanka, which added another 13 miles to the trip. I missed out on that, as I was afraid of burning out the first day, but those who went said it was beautiful.

Monday morning, we met and had breakfast at the club house of the Banff Springs Hotel golf course. Kara, one of our group leaders, gives me the "What is he doing with that camera?" look I get so often.

David, our other group leader, gives us a bike demo and encourages us to introduce ourselves on the first (and last) sunny day of our trip.

Dave's captive audience. This was a great group, and people got along and helped each other right from the start.

The first sight was Bow Falls, about 1 km from our starting point.

Jeri was my cycling buddy the first day, and one of the best-equipped riders in the group.

Our first lunch stop was at Johnston Canyon, which has two major waterfalls and a bunch of minor ones in a beautiful river gorge.

Sara and Carla at the lower falls. I ended up hanging out a lot with these two friends, but I barely knew their names when I took this.

Lower Johnston Canyon Falls.

Upper Johnston Canyon Falls.

This is Castle Ridge, which was visible for much of our ride to our first inn.

Indian Paintbrush lined the highway, and was sometimes brilliantly colored.

Our first night was spent at the Baker Creek Chalets, where we got to stay in individual (or shared) cabins near the Bow River.

The chalets were named for this creek, which runs alongside.

The first night's dinner was also our first opportunity to get to know our fellow cyclists. Left to right, here are David (our guide), Andrew, and Bob.

Left to right, Mary Jo, Eleanor, Sara, and David.

Greg (duh), Carla, and Bill.

Left to right again, Lisa, Jeri, Kara, and Jane.

Here sit Roz, Laurie, Rick, Liz, and Joe.

Day 2: Tuesday, July 17

Day 3: Wednesday, July 18

Day 4: Thursday, July 19

Day 5: Friday, July 20

Day 6: Saturday, July 21

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