Backroads biking trip from Banff to Jasper

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
July 2001

Day 0: Sunday, July 15

Day 1: Monday, July 16

Day 2: Tuesday, July 17

Day 3: Wednesday, July 18

On the third day, we biked about 25 miles to Num-Ti-Jah Lodge, an old, rustic inn on Bow Lake. Everyone was in a better mood after our luxurious stay at the Post Hotel, and willing (and prepared) for the light sprinkle we had this day.

The weather the next morning was still spotty, and drizzle continued off and on throughout the day.

I rode "sweep" with Kara the third day, and here she is giving Jeri her working bike in exchange for the one who's gears weren't shifting. This was typical of Kara. Whenever someone had a problem, she was there to make the sacrifice.

Kara in the rain.

The low clouds offered some interesting views in addition to moisture.

This night was spent at the Num-Ti-Jah Lodge (which translates to "Weasle House") on Bow Lake. Some of us hiked up to Bow Falls. Unfortunately, the glacier was obscured by clouds that day.

Before dinner, we were served wine and cheese with entertainment provided by Nadine, who taught us all about wild bears and how to keep them (wild, that is).

Day 4: Thursday, July 19

Day 5: Friday, July 20

Day 6: Saturday, July 21

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