Backroads biking trip from Banff to Jasper

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
July 2001

Day 0: Sunday, July 15

Day 1: Monday, July 16

Day 2: Tuesday, July 17

The second day was the wettest by far, riding up to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise and getting drenched on the way. Most of us ended up buying rain gear at a local sporting goods store, which nearly ran out of neoprene shoe covers as most of us didn't think to bring them. (I didn't even know there were such things, but now I own a pair!)

The next day, we rode uphill in the rain to Moraine Lake. The logs in the foreground collect at the glacial lake's exit.

I rode up with Andrew, Sara, and Bill, and we sat down in the Chalet and took in much needed warmth and nourishment. The hot cocao was excellent, and Sara and I each drank two cups.

A short while later, most of the others showed up at the lake as well.

The best view of the lake was from a pile of glacial moraine (hence the name) at its base. Climbing it required first crossing the slippery and unstable logs in the previous photo. Carla gets across dry.

Sara and Bill were already on their way up.

Me and Lake Moraine. The sun came out for a brief while to light up the water, for which we were all very grateful.

Me, Carla, Sara, and Bill.

While we were climbing and taking pictures of ourselves, Joe and Bob had rented a canoe and were getting a view from the lake's center.

Bob, Joe, and a whole lot of torquoise.

Jane, Carla, and I took a little walk by the lakeside, and I think Carla took this shot of me.

Lake Louise as seen from the trail to the Lake Agnus Teahouse.

A big, towering monolith called the Beehive.

A small, menacing rodent called the Chipmunk.

A view of the Teahouse and the falls nearby.

An overly-friendly bird known as the Nuthatch.

Me, Carla, Sara, Bill, Andrew, and Jane. Carla and Jane arrived shortly after we did, and apparently Jeri followed close behind but we just missed her going down the other trail.

That night, we stayed at the Post Hotel, by far the fanciest stop on the trip. Sara, Laurie, Bill, Mary Jo, and Rick were my dining partners.

In the next room sat Carla, Jeri, and Jane.

Debra, Joe, Bob, Andrew, and Liz shared another table. I had somehow missed Debra in my earlier pictures.

Day 3: Wednesday, July 18

Day 4: Thursday, July 19

Day 5: Friday, July 20

Day 6: Saturday, July 21

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