Backroads biking trip from Banff to Jasper

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
July 2001

Day 0: Sunday, July 15

Day 1: Monday, July 16

Day 2: Tuesday, July 17

Day 3: Wednesday, July 18

Day 4: Thursday, July 19

Day 5: Friday, July 20

On the fifth and final biking day, we rode 66 miles from the Icefields Chalet to Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper. It was a long route, but not too difficult, and people were eager to get to the end and enjoy a well-deserved rest. Eleanor, who rode ahead of everyone on the previous day, did so again and came face-to-face with a black bear in the middle of route 93A. She was riding alone (no one could keep up with her), but she maintained her composure and eventually the bear just wandered off. Bill said he saw the same bear when he came by later, and he even snapped a picture, which I'll share if I ever get a copy.

The following morning came with more drizzle, and I rode sweep with Kara again since I enjoyed it so much the first time. We got off to a slow start because Kara's replacement bike was not working properly, and we had to swap it for another. Lisa was kind enough to make the donation this time.

At Athabasca Falls, we stopped for lunch and split up because Kara donated her front wheel to Rick, who was having repeated flats that day.

Our final evening at the Jasper Park Lodge, Lisa surprised us by getting up to sing with the dinner band. She was amazing!!

After dinner, we went down to the Rec Room and played ping-pong. Here are Laurie and Lisa.

The match between Mary Jo and David.

Joe and Liz go at it. Liz was by far the most avid (and best) player in the group.

Jane and Jeri enjoying a game.

Andrew took this wonderful shot of the lake at dusk, which lasts for hours this time of year.

Day 6: Saturday, July 21

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